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Hey, Buddy!

A few photos of Buddy, Sue’s dog. Buddy lives at The Oak Room in Tiverton. He’s a big cuddly Labrador. Buddy likes to lounge on the stage, leaving it a bit furry. He’s quite happy lying on the wooden floor, too. He just likes lying around, really. Woof, woof.

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A Fresh Install of macOS Sierra

I’ve just finished reinstalling my Mac, completely wiping the drive and starting again. This is just a bit about why, how, and how it turned out. Why? Well, it had been getting a bit crashy recently, for one thing. Sometimes it just didn’t want to come back from sleep mode (I know the feeling), and […]

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Failing at Patreon

I tried to set up and run a Patreon account for my photography, with the idea that people would pay to see sets of photos. It failed, and I’ve given up and closed it down. This is just a bit about my experience and what I learned. Patreon? What? Explaining what it was seemed to […]

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