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Marsh Barton, 2015-10-24

Our car was in for his MoT test, so we had a wander around Marsh Barton, as we usually do. A semi-deserted business park on a weekend is always good for photography. A Mercedes in pretty poor condition was good for a few shots… …and this old shipping container marked “COSCO” was nicely rusty: I […]

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The Feast of St James

We only called in at this event fairly briefly, which is why this is only a small post, but I got a few nice photos. It’s an annual event now in Tiverton, and I think it’s connected to the Portas scheme. It’s a celebration of the town charter, and has a medieval theme. We met […]

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More Photography


Buddy is a big cuddly labrador. He lives and works at The Oak Room in Tiverton, so he’s a colleague of Sam’s. He’s a very waggy dog, and loves walks, cuddles, and anything he can eat.

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Sony NEX-6 Review: First Impressions

I just bought a new camera. It’s a Sony NEX-6. Today, I had my first chance to get out and take some photos with it, on a day out in Exmouth. I’ll share my first impressions of the camera below, but before that, the photos I took: Why the Sony NEX-6? When choosing, my main […]

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Photowalk Tiverton, 2008-06-07, Walls, Plants, Cygnets, Tucky

We went out for a nice long (for us, anyway) walk yesterday, starting with our usual Saturday brunch at Mad Hatters. After ordering, we went to sit out in the garden, and wondered if we should have gone for the duck – it was very fresh.

Try the Duck

It was drinking from the water bowl left out for dogs.

Reflections on Coffee

Mmm. Coffee. And Doppio. A good start to the day.

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Blog Posts

Dropping Evernote

I used to use Evernote for everything I possibly could use it for. I loved it. Now, I don’t use it at all, and only keep it around while I’m moving data elsewhere. What went wrong? It’s kind of a long story…

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Cosplay – zen and the pursuit of the perfect beard

I’ve been playing dress-up for years. Since childhood I jumped at the chance to put on a costume and be someone else. It’s only in the last few years that I discovered the concept of cosplay. I met like-minded people who helped me realise that while it’s still perhaps quite unusual to some, it’s absolutely […]

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New Lens: Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm

This was posted a month or so ago, on Patreon, but now I’ve closed that, it can go here… This isn’t my first Leica lens, but it’s the first that looks like a modern Leica. The first black one I’ve had. Previously, I’ve had two Elmars, from the 1960s. This is the Tele-Elmarit 90mm, the […]

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