Sunday again

It’s Sunday again. They soon come around. This one, though, is at the end of a week long holiday. It’s been fun. We visited my parents for a couple of days, took a trip around Hamsterley Forest and Teesdale with them, and had a meal out at the Moorcock Inn at Eggleston. I got my birthday present early – a Palm Tungsten T3. I’ve fixed a couple of nagging little problems on PigPog, and i’m just finishing off uploading more photos – from Teesdale and Hamsterley Forest. Quite an enjoyable week, on the whole.

Caution Cyclists

As we were taking a drive through Hamsterley Forest with my parents, we passed a sign that read “Caution Cyclists”. I suggested we waited for the next one and warned them that they look a prat wearing Lycra and an odd shaped helmet in public.

Palm Tungsten T3

I now have a Palm Tungsten T3. It’s a slightly early birthday present from my parents, who we visited this week (enjoyable trip – watch for new photos from Hamsterley Forest soon). I’ve had a Tungsten T for around six months now, and it’s been great – a very nice machine to use. Fast, nice screen, and hardwearing. I’ve been reading all the rumours for some time about the coming of the T3, and they seem to have turned out to be pretty much spot on.

So what’s different from the T? Well, the most obvious difference is the screen, as every review i’ve read has said. It’s bigger (320×480 resolution – enough to upset WinCE / Pocket PC / Windows Mobile owners), brighter, and clearer. At least one review i’d read disliked the slider, as it hides part of the screen, and they wanted the full screen there all the time – that doesn’t bother me at all – i find myself often using closed, for speed, then popping it open as i access something that’s a bit too big for the closed screen size. The slider means that a machine small enough to fit neatly in your pocket pulls open to a machine that’s just a bit more comfortable to hold, with enough room for that big screen and the pleasantly large five-way navigator. Some reviewers didn’t like the new shaped five-way navigator, but i’ve found it good – no better, but no worse in use, and it looks a bit more stylish.

Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure

Last Monday, we (Sam and i) went to the Nottingham Playhouse to see Dave Gorman‘s new show, Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. It was a lot of fun – a very entertaining show. If you get chance to catch it as it tours, it’s well worth seeing. It was just Dave and a Mac on stage, with a presentation on a screen behind, yet it really got the audience involved – quite a story. Anyone who wakes up on a new year’s morning, at Heathrow Airport, with his wallet, mobile phone, passport, a return ticket to Washington DC, a hangover, and no idea how all this happened, has got to have a story to tell.

Quote of the day

A colleague: “Wow. That’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me here. I found a curry.”

Old Blog – Cat Frogs

Old entry from 2003-02-22…

I had a rather splendid dream last night. Sam and i were visiting the RSPCA, and they had a bit of a problem. They had some frogs there. No-one wants frogs, so they were having them put down. The problem was that they had no-one able to take the frogs to the frog-putting-down-centre. Or wherever they do that. (Perhaps just send them to Hale and Pace’s place with a cricket bat?) Anyway, they wanted us to take them, but the place wasn’t open until the next day, so they wanted us to take the frogs home, and look after them overnight.

Old Blog – Crashed Barry

Old entry from 2003-02-22…

Well, yesterday was a fun day. Did you catch the sarcasm there? Did you? Gooood. Glad you spotted that. Go on, sit through the boring texty bit first, there’s pictures coming up… Instead of my usual day at work, i was out at a customer’s site, doing some installation work. Things, unfortunately, went quite badly, though progress was made, and we have some idea of how to make everything work now, so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. I got to drive under the humber bridge too, which is a pretty stunning sight from on top, but even more impressive from underneath. I didn’t get any pictures, though, i’m afraid. I had intended to try grabbing a few on the way back, but with all the problems, i didn’t leave site until after six, and it was dark and misty.

Old Blog – Cornish Pasties and Cabbages

Old entry from 2003-01-10…

At home, because i’m on late shift – start work at 14:30 today. Finish at 22:00. Fun. Anyway, after taking Sam in to work, i stopped off at Safeway. We needed bread. When i got to the checkout, the guy in front of my was in the process of purchasing six cabbages, and 24 each of two different types of Cornish pasties. (Note for anyone in a country that lacks such items – a Cornish pasty is a pastry filled with a mix of meat, potato and vegetables. They’re quite nice, really.) The amazing part was that the girl working on the checkout managed to keep a straight face, and didn’t ask him about his dietary habits. I was impressed. Once he’d gone, i said to her “I thought i liked pasties, but he had real commitment.”

Old Blog – Stink Toffee

Old entry from 2002-11-13…

The cat shat on the mat.

…and on the bed. And on the carpet. And in a cardboard box. And on the other bed. And on the kitchen floor. And under the workbench in the office. Pretty much everywhere. The funny thing is – when you have a cat with the shits running around the house, leaving a trail of stinking liquid shite everywhere – when it’s your bed dribbled with stink-toffee… …it’s really not all that funny. I know. It is funny. It’s fucking funny. Yet somehow – i didn’t laugh. Even when touring the house armed with a 4D Mag-lite, a roll of Bounty, and a cheap copy of Febreze.