PigPog: We’ve gone all CSS and XHTML

After a very busy day, PigPog is now almost entirely XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0. It’s taken quite a bit of doing, and there’s probably still quite a few pages that actually won’t validate, but it’s mostly there. The upshot of it is this new design – the light chalked background on the left is thanks to Corel Painter and our little Wacom tablet, as is the new logo. Actually, I’m not entirely sure I like the logo, but there’s a lot of stuff now on PigPog that ‘will do for now’. Lots of improvements to make as soon as possible. Should keep me busy.

The biggest problem was actually trying to make the Blogger template work. Not that there’s anything inherently difficult about it, but it required a bit of design that I’d carefully avoided – the floating box on the right hand side. I’d tried to find a way of doing it neatly a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t. Once I’d got halfway through redesigning the site, though, and realised that the blog pages had to have floating stuff on the right, I had to work out a way of doing it, thanks entirely to glish.

Humour: Fun in Public Toilets

This one’s another repost to save another small chunk of the world’s fine digital heritage before deleting the old Articles section. It’s the last one. After five and a half years, there’s *two* bits of writing worth saving. And they’re both about going to the toilet.

If the Internet starts getting a bit full, do let me know. I could probably stand to clear out a bit of space over here.


Some of these will only be possible for males – it’s a perspective thing. I am male. I have no intention of speculating on what goes on in Ladies’ toilets. You can try them in public toilets or even at work.

Poetry: More Tea Vicar

This is a repost – I wrote this quite a while back. We’ve just decided to get rid of the separate ‘Articles’ section, and just stick everything in our blogs, and I wanted to copy a couple of my old articles so they don’t vanish. It would be a great loss to society if my poetry was to disappear from the web, wouldn’t it?

More tea vicar?
Oooh, yes please.

More tea vicar?
Oooh, yes please.

More tea vicar?
Oooh, yes please.

More tea vicar?
Oooh, yes please.

More tea vicar?
No thanks.
I’d better go and change my incontinence pad.

Computers: I Can’t Use it Because I Bought it

Some time ago, I bought a copy of SimCity 3000. I’ve always liked the Sim games, and none of them have ever quite matched the lasting appeal of SimCity. The problem now is that it won’t run in Windows XP, so I can’t play it any more.

Actually, that’s not quite true. The game itself, apparently, should work just fine in XP. The bit that fails is the check at the beginning to see if you have the original CD. The copy protection they’ve used fails with XP’s CD-ROM drivers, so the game won’t run. The bit that annoys me about this is that if I’d just ripped a copy of the game off from someone else, I’d have a version with the copy protection stripped off it, and it would work. Because I actually paid for the game, I now can’t use it. Pay more, and get less.

Porn at the Garage

We often stop at a certain garage on the way to work, to pick up some food for the day. They’re a good supplier of Haribo, which my colleagues require feeding regularly to stay productive.

Sam complimented the woman who works there every morning on the selection of magazines, saying it was better than usual. She said that they’re still a bit poor, because they just insist on sending loads of porn. “52 porn mags I’ve returned to them, just this morning!”

We had to agree that this sounded like a lot of porn. “Do you sell many of them? I can’t imagine anyone coming in here and asking for them.” asked Sam.

Testing post by email

Nice new features from Blogger this morning – woke up to find comments available, and post-by-email. Should be handy for me, as I’ll be able to blog from my Palm from anywhere. I’ll try to avoid using the annoying word ‘moblogging’. Apart from there.


One of my colleagues has just reminded me that I never mentioned where I learned to do all the (admittedly limited) CSS stuff I’ve been doing over the weekend. Same place I’ve learned most of what I know about HTML and XHTML standards – W3Schools. They do some very nice tutorials and reference material, and it’s all available online for free. Nice people.

Another handy resource worth mentioning is HTML-Tags, from Visibone. They’re the same people who made the web safe colour lab – not as vital as it once was, now that pretty much everyone can display millions of colours, but still a great starting point for choosing a colour scheme. They make a living by selling some very nice looking quick reference cards and posters.

Further adventures with CSS

Well, PigPog’s changed again. We have been busy today. The bits at the top and the left should now have a nice graduated effect, fading from a darker gray in the top left to meet the background in the middle. Or something like that. It’s easier to see than explain, and there’s a good chance you’re looking at it right now, so I’m probably wasting my energy here. Anyway. Do let me know what you think.

Ask the Biker

I’d had a couple of questions in mind for a while that I’d wanted to ask a biker. Fortunately, I know someone suitable at work, so a week or two ago, I finally popped the questions…

Do you ever stop finding the word ‘helmet’ funny?

I always giggle at the word ‘helmet’. I wondered if wearing one regularly made that joy wear off. The answer turned out to be – “No. It’s still funny.” I was heartened.

It was a source of much mirth to me to find out that one of the bigger manufacturers of helmets is called Bell. Bell Helmets. I laughed for a good week or two when I heard.

Latest Photo on the Front Page

Another little improvement – we’re full of ’em today – the photo on the front page will now always be the latest photo added to PigPog. So when it stays the same for six months, you’ll know how lazy I’ve been…

Other stuff we’ve done today…

The blogs now have a ‘BlogRoll’ section on the right, listing the other blogs and such like that we each read. I wouldn’t have bothered with this, but the excellent Bloglines makes it easy – I just add a line of PHP, it generates the list for me based on what I’ve subscribed to. I’ll probably write a seperate post soon about RSS feeds and Bloglines.