Update on the iPaq

Dabs, unfortunately, discovered that they weren’t going to be able to get the iPaq 4700 for around a month. To their credit, they were honest enough to say so, and to suggest cancelling and going elsewhere, rather than pushing or lying to keep the order – counts in their favour for future orders. (Actually, already ordered from them again, since they’re offering a 1Gb SD card for £55.)

I’ve now placed an order with Clove, who are confident they can get one to me next week. We shall see. I actually ordered by phone, which is something I’ve not done since this Internet thing started catching on.

Palm to Windows Mobile: Going to the Dark Side

Summary: I’m moving over to the Dark Side. After using Palms for the last few years, and really enjoying them, I’m making the jump to Windows Mobile (/Pocket PC/Whatever). Why? So nice of you to ask. Read on…


Long ago, I used to have Psion devices. I had an Organiser II, then a Series 3, then a Series 3a 512k, then a Series 3a 2Mb, and finally a Series 5. The Series 5 was nice, but it failed on a couple of points to me. It was a bit big and heavy, and it just felt too breakable. I didn’t feel like I dared carry it around everywhere.

Banterist – To The Person Who Found My Camera

Banterist – To The Person Who Found My Camera: “Dear Sir/Madam:

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on the acquisition of a Casio Exilim S20 compact digital camera. No doubt it was an exciting find after your fine meal at Houston’s on Park, where delicious spinach dip is the signature item.

As you may have noticed, the Casio Exilim is a 2.0 Megapixel beauty with a 4X digital zoom. At under a half-inch thick, it’s the perfect camera to put in your pocket and lose while dining out.

No doubt, you’re wondering why the memory card contains 17 close-ups of a cat’s ass.”

Welcome Beatallibangers!

Beatallica is not, I repeat, not Metallica in disguise.

My ultimate Metalli-fantasy has come true*! The two greatest bands in the world, together at last. And you can download their MP3s, for nowt, without worrying that Lars Ulrich is going to come round and kick you in the kneecaps.

*No, not the one about Kirk Hammett and the chocolate syrup, the other one…

UPDATE – Gotta admit, I was a bit doubtful about the MP3s. I was expecting songs like ‘Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band’ and ‘Gotta Get You Trapped Under Ice’ to be funny, but not all that good. I was wrong. The songs are excellent. Yes, there is a hint of the Weird Als about them, but that’s bound to happen, we are talking parodies after all, but the Beatle melodies are there, the Metallica style is there and whoever’s on vocal duties is doing one heck of a Hetfield impersonation. Fantastic stuff.