New Halloween Tunes from Beatallica

Jaymz OHHH-NOOO! Lennfield sez:

Happy Hal-loooohh-weeeeen! I totally love this time of year, dudes! Each time I walk through woods and piles of leaves it reminds me of long ago when I used to blast Don’t Break the Oath by Mercyful Fate and get crazy with my fellow bangers in the Cudahy Park woods. Oh, wait, I just did that last weekend…!

So, speaking of Halloween, we have a treat for you. Be sure to visit the site on Halloween nite for the release of 4 live songs. We’re putting up 2 from the Cleveland show and 2 from the Madison show. Of course, they will be available for FREE. But no hints as to what songs. I will say this though: expect a guest appearance on one and a new track for another.

So, if you’re sat at home bored tonight, and are fed up with answering the door to brats forcing you to give them sweets, why not get to downloading these new tunes and blast the neighbours away with a bit of Fab Metal Magic!

No trick, it’s just a treat. :) Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween

BBC NEWS | Magazine | So what colour was Jesus?

BBC NEWS | Magazine: ‘Ethiopian Christianity, which pre-dates European Christianity, always depicts Christ as an African and it generally agreed that people of the region where Jesus came from looked nothing like Boris Johnson..’

Gizmodo : Aaton Cantor-X

Gizmodo : Aaton Cantor-X: “This Aaton Cantar-X portable field recorder is so beautiful I don’t know what to say, exactly. I think I want it inside of me.”

Even with no idea what it is, I wanted one. Gizmodo says it’s a ruggedized recorder. Like a tape recorder, not one of those plastic flute things you learned to play Three Blind Mice on at school. Anyway, he gets it spot on when he says…

"…but who cares? I just want to take the $18,000 recorder into my tender embrace until my nerdy folds grow over it, like a tree hugging a barbed wire fence."

Just go see the pictures. Then you’ll want one too.


My mojo had been kind to me today, dealing me enough skill and basic sense to get through my working day with a smile intact and a feeling of a job well done.

Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen when I picked up the guitar tonight. I was doing *so* well, following Guitar Pro at a decent (but nowhere near the actual) tempo of the song, and getting well into the chorus. Tonight I can barely get past the first bar. I am bereft of mojo, high and dry, with a brain of cauliflower and fingers like well-cooked noodles.

If I had let this post go up with typos intact (and I may have left the majority of them in for all I know right now) you’d see the severity of the situation. I’m going on eBay to see if I can bid for some better quality, longer lasting mojo.