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Last week I blogged about the blahs I had been experiencing, partly due to the time of year, partly due to unresolved stuff about my working life. I had lots of questions that were bothering me. Was that the job I’d be expected to do until I turned 65, 70, 85, whatever retirement age is by 2039? Had I made the right choice taking a permanent job? Was I just feeling bad because of the time of year, or was it the job bringing me down? And if I left, what then? I’d be back where I’d been many, many times before, no wiser from the experience and no doubt, ready to do it all again a few months down the line. A few months ago I loved that job. But as time went on and attitudes got worse, my attitude got worse and my commitment to the job started to fade. I started to feel stuck in a rut; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Flash Game – Exploding Dots

Chaos Theory – Flash Game It’s in Japanese, but it’s not too complex anyway. Fifty dots fly up in the air. Click to make an explosion. Any dot that touches it will explode too, and so on. You only get one click each round, each game is three rounds. Super happy fun go-boom.

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p>’Experts’, bless ’em, have calculated that tomorrow, Monday 24 January, is going to be the Worst Day of the Year.



Yeah, thanks for that. Like I needed any help cultivating a bad case of not just the Sunday blahs, but the January blahs too. The mornings are dark and cold, the evenings are dark and cold, and what goes between them on a Monday doesn’t really bear thinking about on a Sunday night.

January sucks. Everybody’s in a grotty mood, and I’m sure that even the best job in the world seems lousy and unfulfilling at this time of year. I left such a job last year. I had a job in a graphic design studio, working on Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator and the like on a Mac. Granted, the Mac had more personality issues than I did, and working with it drove me bananas. That plus getting to know a new team, plus the whole crappy January-ness of things had me off sick for a while, then chucking in my contract in favour of a return to a job that had just one redeeming feature – it was part time.

Boy, did we shop!

When it comes to clearing out the bank balance, Michael and I do it in *style*. Before we gave up drinking we didn’t have much in the way of disposable income. Well, we did, but we chose to drink it all rather than spend it on cool toys. Now, it’s cool toys all the way, as Michael explains in his last blog entry.

I’m so pleased Michael has become interested in playing guitar again. And no, it’s nothing to do with any Kirk Hammett-related bedroom activity before you ask. It’s great to be able to jam along together, me on the ESP, him on the ’59 Stratocaster, ’52 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop or the ’68 Rickenbacker 360 ;). Next step is to teach Sweeney to play drums, then we’ll be able to form our band…

New in ‘Our Corner’ – Sam’s Artwork

For your viewing pleasure, a gallery of some of my best Photoshop/Painter Classic/ArtRage pictures.

From the first time I stuck Sweeney’s head on the body of a celebrity, to more artistic adventures with Le Painter Classic, it’s all in here. Enjoy!

bignoseduglyguy on the move

Looking for No.8 wire: "In four week’s time, all being well, I’ll step blinking from the air-conditioned cocoon of an Emirates 747 into the warm afternoon sunlight of Auckland. Ahead of me will lie a three week road trip across New Zealand, from Auckland in the north to Dunedin in the south – a trip in search of future opportunities for myself and my family."

I’ve been reading bignoseduglyguy’s blog for quite a while now, first interested by his writing about GTD and productivity matters. Well, it looks like his new blog should be even more interesting – he’s planning on emigrating with his family of six from their home in London to New Zealand. He obviously really liked Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films 😉

jkOnTheRun: Maximizing the mobile experience

jkOnTheRun: Maximizing the mobile experience: “I should point out that laptops and Tablet PCs can also benefit from these best practices and they are by no means restricted to just UPCs. The tips and recommendations that follow are the results of trial and error over many years of working as a mobile professional. Some of them apply to general use of the mobile device and others are specifically for the traveler.”

JK has excelled himself with this article – lots of great tips for mobile computing, but at least a few good ones for anyone. The idea of keeping as little as possible installed and running on a machine to keep it performing its best is certainly true. I go in long cycles – format, build from scratch, then slowly get tempted into installing more and more things, and trying things only to delete them. Eventually the machine gets too bogged down, and runs slowly and unreliably. Time to format and rebuild again. Either I’m getting better at resisting, though, or Windows is getting more resilliant to such treatment. I used to go through the cycles every couple of months, now it’s more like a couple of years.