Sweeney and a Harmonica

Most of our order from UKGuitarShop arrived today, including a harmonica. No, I can’t play, but it seemed like fun to try. I had one years ago, and never learned much, but they’re fun things to suck. Anyway, we sit in our office, computers on the desk, with Sweeney (one of our cats) usually on a cushion between the computers. She likes the hot air blast from my laptop. As soon as Sam started playing with the harmonica, she went loopy, running up and nuzzling her, and joining in with her own strange song. I grabbed my iPaq and started recording. It was damn funny…

The ‘Shhh…’ at the beginning is only the beginning of the word I was aiming for, as she ran behind Sam’s screen, and almost knocked it over. Then Sam plays, and Sweeney sings.

Update 2005-11-01: In case you came here after searching for UKGuitarShop, you might want to be aware that the remains of our order has just arrived – six months after ordering.

Shop Horror – Funny Shop Names

Funny Shop Names

When you’re a shopkeeper you can share your creativity in a lot of ways, but what will really get you noticed is a seriously punny name. Wonder if North Yorkshire’s famous All Pizzas Great and Small made the book?

Many thanks to Darren for finding that link for us. :)

Another guitar review in the Wiki

After posting up the review of my new guitar, I decided to do the same with the rest of our collection.

I’ve just added a review of my ESP LTD M-50. And once again you have the opportunity to hear me play. :)

In other news, I’m getting a KH2 Relic! Yes, one of those gorgeous ‘CAUTION-HOT’ creatures played by a certain ‘CAUTION-HOT’ creature will soon be mine! How have I managed to afford one of those I hear you ask? Has my girl on the Temp Reg got me working 24/7? No. I got mine for 25 quid.

Look, it may only be 9 inches tall, but a guitar’s a guitar :) . Will display photos when it’s arrived, no doubt along with all the other stuff we bought today. Some women like to shop for shoes, I like to shop for guitar accessories.

Penny Stacking – Bridges and Domes Made From Pennies

Misc/Pennies – Pictures of Pennies

This is rather splendid. A Civil Engineer at Texas Tech University built structures out of pennies. Fortunately, he took lots of pics and shared them with the world.

(Via BoingBoing.)

Danelectro 56-U2

The lipstick pickups, controls, switch and scratchplate.

As promised, there’s a full review of my new guitar in the Wiki. Includes pics and MP3 samples of me playing. You lucky people. :)

If you have any Danelectro stories to tell, or guitar stuff in general to share, hop into the Wiki and join us!

The headstock.