Danelectro 56 Reissue

The most joyful thing in this month’s Total Guitar isn’t surprisingly the pictures of James Hetfield, nor is it the tab for Nothing Else Matters. Oh, no. The most delightful discovery in this month’s TG is the return of the Danelectro 56. Twangy chipboard fun for all! 😀

More info later, and maybe a review in the not-too-distant future if our friends in Arnold give us a chance to get our grubby little hands on it.

Fox’s Music

Fox’s Music sell practically every kind of instrument you can think of. If you feel an urge to take up the didgeridoo, this is probably the best place (in the Notts/Lincs/Yorks area anyway) to get one.

In Store

Though there’s always staff on hand to help when you need it, you’re pretty much left to your own devices. All the instruments are easily accessible, and there are practice rooms available if you fancy trying an instrument but don’t really fancy trying it in front of everyone else in the shop. The store we’re most familiar with, in Arnold, is bright and airy with plenty room to drool over guitars, pianos, saxophones or indeed didgeridoos. The staff there are friendly, they know their stuff, and they’re very helpful.

gapingvoid: Everybody wants to be more creative than they already are.

Everybody wants to be more creative than they already are.

“Few things are easier to justify than the killing of the soul. I didn’t need my soul anyway. It was in the way. It was a burden. I have this important job now, and all these important people to see. Too much soul in the mix would hamper my quality time with all the movers and shakers.”

It was this sort of stuff from Hugh (see his original How To Be Creative article – no, really – it’s interesting, and there’s cartoons) that really inspired PigPog – or at least gave us the idea to turn it into a site all about creativity.

Change Something

Honda have made a nice little flash game – Change Something. Well, I say little. Actualy, it’s kind of big. Takes a while over a modem, but worth it. Cute bunnies, turning bad things to good through the use of a sledgehammer.

Trust me – I know what I’m doing.

(Thanks to Boing Boing.)