Balloons go Bang!

Put enough geeks together with balloons and a lot of hi-tech equipment, and they’ll find a way to get photos of them popping – spectacular.


(Thanks to BoingBoing.)

Oh, and the guy in the picture? Ward Cunningham – best known for inventing the Wiki – thanks, Ward!

Photo: Tree Week – Wednesday – Ploughed Field

OK, so there’s only a tree in the distance in this one, but I like it, so I’m going to stretch the point. And it’s almost two the same, but it works in colour and black and white. Question is – which looks better?

Ploughed Field and Tree (Colour)

Ploughed Field and Tree (Black and White)

Today Only – Free Opera Browser!

Free Opera! Today only, Opera are offering the full registered version of their excellent browser for free. There’s always a free ad-supported version, but this is the ad-free version.

(Thanks to jkOnTheRun.)

Drawing for Trees Week – Battered by The Elements

Here’s my contribution to this week’s picture theme, and we thought it might be fun to photograph the picture as it was being made. My source of inspiration was a photo of a decaying tree against a dark and moody sky, so the first step was to build up the sky. I decided to use pastels on Daler Rowney Textura Paper because pastels are easy to blend and produce nice effects, particularly on the Textura paper.

Here’s the sky, a mixture of whites, greys and blues:

Sky background

Next I drew in the tree, some background detail and some shading:

first layer of detail

Building up more layers of colour:

another layer of colour

And the finished picture looked like this:

finished picture

Quite pleased with the finished product, and I was very satisfyingly filthy by the end. I’m in my best mood when I’m up to my elbows in pastel dust (and my worst when trying to post the results on the blog! Damn dial-up, damn flickr uploader, damn damn damn mumble grumble can’t someone else do it?? :( )

This Little PigPog Went to Market

We’ve decided to have a stall at Rufford Craft Centre’s Christmas Market this year, selling photographic prints, art and various other creative bits and bobs from the lovely people who will be joining us. Keep an eye on the blog and the wiki for updates on how we’re doing preparing for this, and for any tips we happen to pick up on the way. Got any tips for us? Let us know by leaving a comment or joining in on the wiki.

The last time we tried anything like this was the Lowdham Book Fair in 2003, where we attempted to sell print copies of my then pride and joy, The MBLM Files. Let’s just say it didn’t go as well as we hoped it would. This time around we’re hoping for a better experience. Watch this space!