Link – 43 Folders – Scarlet Letters : Creative Tips for Artists

Merlin’s found a page of great tips for artists.

I’d love to think that when Merlin finds a post like this, he’s sat at his computer thinking “Hey great! I’ll get a mention on PigPog!”, but I doubt he does. We’re grateful for the splendid stuff he finds, anyway.

Comments Were Broken – Should be Back

Sorry – it looks like I’d broken our comments some time back when I was trying to stop a flood of spam. I thought it had been a bit quiet around here. Seems to be working again now, anyway – within a couple of minutes of fixing it, there were six new spam attempts queued up trying to get through. It’ll be staying moderated, then, I’m afraid.

(Oh, and many thanks to Gary for letting us know it was broken!)

Update: After getting things going again, I was struck somewhat by how much worse the whole blog spam problem has got. I kept everything moderated, so it didn’t actually appear here anyway, but I was having to delete maybe a hundred spam attempts each morning, then more than that during the day. Time consuming. Anyway, we’ve now added Spam Karma 2 to our WordPress installation, and it works great – seems to let real comments straight through, but has no trouble spotting even the spams that I was having to look twice at myself. Highly recommended. Anyway, let us know if you have any problems posting.

Sunset from the A46

As we got close to home tonight, there was a fantastic sunset going on – I spotted a few good views of it from the A46, but we were on the wrong side, and didn’t find a good place to stop. At the last roundabout before home, we turned right around and came back to park in a lay-by, and got these shots…

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed In, Sun Showing Through

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed Out

Sunset from the A46 - Zoomed In, Sun Through Cloud

There was a sad twist to the spot we ended up stopping at, though. It was the exact spot of a serious accident a couple of weeks ago, where a tanker had crashed with a car, killing the car driver. The hedge we were taking the photos over had been filled with flowers…

Flowers by the A46 - In the Hedge

…and this note was on the ground…

Flowers by the A46 - Note

…he will obviously be very much missed by his family and loved ones.

DIY Planner – Surfing the Alpha Waves

An excellent article from Doug at DIY Planner – Surfing the Alpha Waves – all about how to get into that creative mindset.

Alpha waves, on the other hand, tend to “turn on” our creativity. You’ve no doubt experienced those elusive semi-relaxed moments when you’re struck by inventive ideas, innovative solutions, and entirely new ways of looking at the same old things? Those little satori flashes of enlightenment when a new and exciting path is revealed? Well, you were probably surfing your alpha waves.

Good stuff, with lots of nice, practical advice on how to get into this state, and how to stay in it for longer. It mainly involves avoiding stress, so I guess I’m on the way there one way or another now 😉

About my hero, the big quitter

Michael and I have been together for nearly 10 years, and for most of those years he’s had to endure me hopping from job to job to job as I attempt to find something to do for a living that I find at least half interesting. I’ve had temp jobs and permanent jobs, I’ve been in and out of work and not once has he complained that maybe I ought to get my act together.

After nearly 9 years of service in his job, Michael has decided to quit. What sort of partner would I be if, after all the times he’s supported me, if I didn’t do the same in return? (Answer – one that has a permanent seat reserved on the train to Dumpsville). Not only do I support him, I’m proud of him and I’m excited about what the future brings.

Michael is a wonderful man with a beautiful, fascinating and creative mind. He’s already wasted too much of his life advising people to reboot and apply service pack yada yada. Now’s the time for him to share his creativity on a full-time basis. If you’re familiar with Michael through GTD and all that, I’m sure he’ll be writing about productivity now and again, but this is the time for his art to shine. It’s going to be worth looking at, so stick around.

As for me, well, I’m still working, just 3 days a week for the time being, but if our finances get low* then I will increase my hours. Because I’m a temp, I can work fairly flexibly, changing hours around and taking breaks between assignments. The idea initially was I’d gradually reduce the hours I worked, then stop when we had enough PigPog income coming in to make up the shortfall. That all changed when it became obvious that Michael really needed to quit his job, and soon.

What was the first thing he did the morning after his resignation? Service packed my computer. I find that sweet and very amusing. :)

Our dream is to make this site a success, enough for us to make it our living, and I believe that if two people in love share a dream it can come true. We are definitely two people in love, so I can’t see how we can go wrong.

*buy something from Amazon! Please!