Cats Eat Weird

After posting recently about Lucy eating cheese on toast, Sweeney has come up with an interesting one – cream crackers. She’ll eat little bits, but actually eating them as such doesn’t seem to hold too much interest for her – she just loves to lick them.

She’s a bikkitlicker.


Whilst in Nottingham yesterday, we popped into Argos and spent some of the vouchers we were kindly given for our wedding. I’ve mentioned before that I’d been reading up a bit about espresso and related types of coffee. Well, we decided to buy an espresso machine. They had a couple of very cheap ones, but if they don’t mention a pump, I gather they’re not really up to the job. They had a DeLonghi one for £60, though, that seemed to have all the right features, so we went for that. It’s a plastic one rather than being all nice brushed steel, but it’s also about £100 cheaper than the ‘good’ ones, and it still seems to do a decent enough job.

So, we now have a DeLonghi Caffe Treviso espresso maker. And I actually did sleep last night.

We’d been to Starbucks at the start of the trip, and whilst Sam was in her interview, I spent an hour waiting in Caffe Nero, and I had to make espresso when we got home, so I’m kind of surprised that I managed any sleep. Now, I’m drinking espresso again. And it is good.

Using Microsoft Office for Fun!

UPDATE – Added Excel Drawings

You don’t often see “Microsoft Office” and “fun” in the same sentence, as it’s more commonly associated with reports, spreadsheets and presentations for tedious meetings. But, as demonstrated by the inbox-clogging PowerPoint ‘humour’ that’s landed in my email over the years, it is possible to use Office (and any similar word processing/spreadsheet/presentation software) in a fun and creative way. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Our Honeymoon

We have just returned from our honeymoon in Buxton, and we’ve had a wonderful time.

Anyway, now we’re back, it’s time to tell you what we did, and share some pics.

Our wedding was on Monday, but rather than leave straight after all that, and arrive late in the day, we set off late on the Tuesday morning. We have cats, so we can’t leave them for more than 48 hours. As long as they’re well stocked with food and water, they manage fine on their own for that long.

Click the pictures to see them on Flickr, often with notes and comments. Once there, there’s an ‘All Sizes’ link on the top so you can see bigger versions too.


The drive there was easier than we expected, and we passed through some beautiful countryside as we approached Buxton. Some really stark hillsides and impressive old industrial buildings (mining of some sort at a guess). Finding the place was easy, with the help of Shep, our GPS. We checked in as soon as we arrived, at the Roseleigh Hotel. On reaching the front of the building, we found we were being stared at from an armchair inside the lounge – Paddington Bear

Roseleigh Hotel and Paddington Bear

The view from the front of the hotel was quite impressive too…

My first scrapbook page

Now the wedding and the honeymoon’s out of the way, it’s time to record all the memories in my first attempt at a scrapbook.

My First Scrapbook Page

This page celebrates how I spent my hen night, in the internet, chatting with friends on a message board. It might sound sad, but it was the only way to get the stripper I wanted ;). Instead of neat cuts or fancy patterns for all the pieces, I went for a more rough and ready approach, tearing each piece I used.

Click on the picture to be taken to the page on flickr where I’ve added notes and more details.