How to Find Time for Art

Has it really come to this? Blogging my own posts elsewhere?

Actually, this is an idea I’ve had for a PigPog post for a long time, but when French Toast Girl came up with such a great post at The Drawing Club, and said much of what I wanted to say, I figured I’d just add the rest as a post over there for now.

I’ll link to my own post here now, so I can find it easily when I finally get around to doing a similar article for PigPog.

Linux-based Portable Gaming Machine

Not really something I’d get much out of, I think, a portable games machine. If it was, though, I’d be very interested in one that runs Linux. Especially since the emulator scene opens up all sorts of options for getting older games for free.

Actually, the Nintendo DS and DS Lite look kind of interesting. They seem to be doing reasonably innovative things with their games, rather than just throwing more pixels at the alien monster, and more polygons into Lara’s nipples.

Yahoo! Editing Zooomr’s Wikipedia Entry?

Assuming it’s true, this isn’t good. It could well turn out to be an intern or similar, not quite thinking through what they’re doing. I’d be surprised if Yahoo! were intentionally doing this sort of thing.

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Come here from Google? Looking for the Hello Kitty Darth Vader pic? It’s Cowboy Caleb’s post you want.

Update2: Unexpected Cute is now here, so I’ve moved this post over to it. The place for all your unexpected cuteness – inappropriate Hello Kitty merchandising, kittens in toolboxes, and whatever else we fancy. Just set the site up now, and chucked a couple of posts into it. Will carry on with getting it and GuitarPr0n set up properly tomorrow, and bring some of the old stuff over here.

Arrested for Photographing a Cop

If you see someone being arrested in Philadelphia, don’t photograph it. This guy did, and got arrested for “impeding an investigation”. Not quite sure how snapping a pic with a mobile phone impeded the police, when they were in the street, and he was in the driveway of his own home. The ACLU aren’t too impressed.

Is RSS Doomed?

Andrew says RSS is doomed. He’s probably right. It’s a great thing, and it’s much better than not having RSS, but it really is starting to seem a bit limiting these days. The stupidity of just shoving your site’s entire recent content in a slightly repackaged form every time someone wants to check if there’s anything new really doesn’t make much sense.

Tara McCarthy – T-Mac

When Andrew Kantor gets a voice mail that makes no sense, he strikes back. Very funny.

I once got a phone call on my mobile, which went very oddly…

Me: Hello?
Them: Hi Martin. How’s it going?
Me: I’m not Martin. I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Them: Oh, have I?
Me: Yes.
Them: Oh. Right. So. How’s it going, Martin?

Sam’s Temping Kit

In my previous posting “How To Temp and Keep Your Sanity”, I wrote about the usefulness of taking your own stuff with you to temp bookings. I thought I’d share the contents of my own Temping Kit, to perhaps inspire you to put together your own or to prove that the baggage I lug around every day ain’t just emotional…

Pens and Pencils

I carry a black pencil case in which I keep a selection from PigPog’s pretty massive pen and pencil collection, along with a few other essentials.

…the saga continues

Dear Blog, You may recall some posts back that I was offered a permanent job. You may recall how surprisingly happy I was about it all. Despite the reams of forms I had to fill in for various checks and clearances, I was hoping to be starting work within a couple of weeks.


Things haven’t quite gone according to plan. However, there may still be an opportunity for me to work there, so fingers crossed, just not in the job I wanted.