Art by Torben Ulrich

Following on from the recent post about our friend Blue’s recent adventures with creative mark making, it reminded me of the fantastic unique artwork created by the equally fantastic and unique Torben Ulrich:

T.U.’s work with ball, rope, racquet, and rice paper has its beginnings in 1971, when the Lions Club of Copenhagen asked a variety of politicians, actors, writers and others to make “a blue elephant” for a charity exhibit to benefit a senior center in Denmark.

Today, using primarily skipping rope and tennis racquet and ball, T.U. makes imprints with ink and / or acrylic on rice paper. First, with the rice paper on the ground, weighted down, he skips an inked rope onto the rice paper. When dry, the paper is then posted or held against a wall and an inked ball is played / volleyed onto it. Later, a text may be added.

Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel – Fixed!

I got my Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel fixed today – w00t.

I did this pic to thank the people at The Fountain Pen Network for all of their help, and Ian at Cathedral Pens for getting the parts I needed to me quickly.

Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel - Thank you

Now it’s working, it’s a lovely pen. Writes very nicely – the best of all the pens I’ve got (and that’s quite a few), and filling it is actually fun.

Not bad as a water pistol, either 😉

Squee Time for Sam

Alllrighty then… it’s time for me to have a squee… stand back, this could get messy.

Improving your Handwriting – a few resources

One problem with getting into fountain pens as much as I have recently (and I really have) – my handwriting is awful.

I could do with improving it, and it could make a good article here too. A few resources to bookmark for now…

  • Penmanship on Wikipedia: not much of an article, but some useful links.
  • Handwriting Styles on DrawYourWorld: includes links to some nice little diagrams on forming letters. This one is very good, but a ‘z’ with a descender? How does a ‘z’ have a descender?
  • Handwriting Tips form Paperpenalia: more about the background – holding a pen, and which muscles to use – but useful stuff.
  • The Penmanship Forum on The Fountain Pen Network: good discussions from helpful people.

The Happiness Project

Waking up this morning after yet another week of feeling like utter shite, I came to the realisation that maybe it’s time to do some work on my mental health and emotional well-being. Immaculately timed as ever, Chris Brogan linked to a blog I hadn’t seen before called The Happiness Project in which Gretchen is spending the year exploring all the theories and studies that supposedly affect our happiness and is reporting on her findings. As she does this she’s uncovering loads of great tips and tricks that’s getting me thinking about things I can do to pull myself out of this latest angsty rut of mine.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Michael
  • Talking on the phone to the lovely LadyMercury
  • Flavia Rich Roast coffee

Things I haven’t loved this week: