Sheaffer Touchdown in Black

Latest Update: This pen has now been sold through eBay – a last minute sniper dived in and grabbed it for just £7.35 – bargain. Until a few seconds before the auction end, it was sitting at £2.20, and I’d have been a bit upset to see it go for that. Still, nice pen, and I hope its new owner enjoys it.

Getting It

I picked this one up from an eBay auction, in the middle of a heap of other pens and pencils. Most of the others turned out to be pretty worthless, though there was a very nice gold capped Parker 51 pencil in there. All it needed was a quick rinse, and the touchdown mechanism worked just fine.

Sheaffer Touchdown - Cap On

The only problem was the nib. It looks like it had probably been damaged at one time, and someone had tried to get around it by cutting the end off at a left hand oblique – sloping towards the pen to the left. It worked, but not well, and the two halves of the nib weren’t even the same length.

Dave on Sketch Pencils

Dave has a post all about sketch pencils – leadholders taking very thick leads – over 5mm in some cases. I’ve got a couple of pencils that probably count – Pilot Croquis, and one from Boldmere, who I’ve otherwise never heard of. Nice solid thing, though.

Not quite sure where these should fit in (I think the Croquis has gone under Mechanical Pencils), but I’ll pop this here for now and work it out later…

Airplants on ReadyMade Blog

I saw a kit ages ago in a local garden centre, with a couple of airplants, a wooden base, and various bits and pieces to make your own mounting for them. Seemed like a good idea for simple creative indoor gardening. Might be an article in it at some point. If there is, this post on ReadyMade Blog might be useful too, with some links to background info on them.

Viki Babbles – about Notebooks

Viki – likes her notebooks. It’s ok, Viki, we love them too. And you don’t even mention Ciak. Probably best not to get started in that direction. Good reading, though.

I have them in many different colors and designs and I have a hard time picking which to use next. That’s because I’m a fucking whack-job.

Yeah, but this is the Interweb – everyone is a whack-job.

Knitted Garden

Jane Bolsover is in the process of organising people all over the country to knit a garden – yes, a life sized English garden. Knitted.

It’s not complete yet, but she estimates it currently contains over fifty miles of wool. That’s a lot of sheepishness.

Text Editors for Writers

Update: Added a link to Jedi Concentrate, thanks to Lifehacker.

I remember reading an article, years ago, by Chris Bidmead, where he mentioned that people were often surprised to hear that he didn’t use Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. The quote was something like “I’m a writer. What on earth would I want a word processor for?”

It sounded odd at the time, and it sounds just as odd now, because that’s what writers are supposed to use. When you stop and think about it, though, it can make a fair bit of sense.

What’s wrong with word processors for writing?