As 2006 becomes 2007

Without a doubt, the highlight of this year for me as far as rock music goes has to be hearing from the Led Zep babes. John Paul Jones recently let it be known he has been enjoying himself with all his bluegrass and helping out other people with their albums, but it is GREAT to hear that he is still working on his own album. It has taken a while, but when you are getting something from him, you know it will be worth the wait! I adored both Zooma and Thunderthief, so I know I will love the new one. YES!!!

Robert has been busy running all over the place as is usual for him. I got to see him in Cork this July at the Marquee. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Standing around me at the front was a sea of young kids in Zep t-shirts who were a little skeptical that he still had “it.” I smiled to myself listening to them and thought…oh you just wait darlings!!! Robert has it – and he has more of “it” than anyone else! A lot of them were unfamiliar with his Mighty Rearranger offerings, but when he grabbed the mic and belted out Whole Lotta Love, the young ones were suitably blown away. I chatted to a few of them on the way out of the show and educated them on his solo stuff, and I am sure he made a lot of fans of his new music that night. Robert is way more than a Led Zep jukebox, although even if that was all he had you couldn’t complain. His new box set Nine Lives is out now, so if you want it all from his previous recordings, there it is all nice and boxed up for you! For 07, he has mentioned a possible duet album with Alison Krauss as well as a new album with his band – wooo!!! Bring it on baby!

And last…but certainly not least…oh Jimmy Jimmy Page. How I miss him out there! It was just awesome to see him picking up the award for Zeppelin’s UK Hall of Fame induction in November. Now there is a beautiful, beautiful man, mmmm…all silver haired and red hot!!! But, I digress…He has been promising an album for ages too, and I am patiently waiting. I have everything he’s done since Zep, and seeing as I love his playing truly madly deeply, nothing has disappointed me from The Firm, Outrider, collaborations with Robert, The Black Crowes, Coverdale, and the most recent where he plays Rock N Roll with Jerry Lee Lewis, I love it all. This time I’m hoping for a more Zooma type album because I don’t think Jimmy needs a vocalist. Vocalists are fine, but when you can play like Jimmy, I just want Jimmy! Him and his guitars, or errrmmm…just him. I am such a ridiculous Pagey fan I’d be happy with an album of him just breathing, but that’s just me I think…Anyway, he has mentioned his new album again at last and says he will start working on it in the new year. Well yay! And when it comes out, my super enormous Jimmy squee will be heard in distant galaxies.

Did I have any other musical highlights? I really liked David Gilmour’s On An Island. Very mellow and atmospheric. It has great soaring guitar moments too, so three cheers to him! Generally though, nothing else new really impressed. I can’t think of a single thing that thrilled me more than Zeppelin this year and their solo stuff, at least not as far as rock goes. All these years and still the Mighty Babes of Zeppelin rule my music chart. So, bring on 2007 and bring me more, more, more Jimmy, Robert and JPJ!!

Preserving Digital Images

A nice article on Digital Shot on Preserving Digital Images. I tend to empty my SD cards by moving, not copying, the files to a network share on Sam’s machine, then very rarely delete anything at all. Edited stuff only tends to be kept temporarily, usually on its way up to Flickr.

It’s all very careless of me, though. I really should take the time out to get rid of completely worthless shots, and get the rest stored in some way that would make them findable again later.

We had a nice simple system set up before, where we used Picasa to view the images, and just put names, descriptions and keywords in the name of the folder the images were in. When you do a search in Picasa, it matches the folder the pics are in as well as the name of the image files, so this worked very well. The problem we hit with it was that with all the photos stored on a network share, when Picasa couldn’t get to the share, it cleared all the pictures from my local database. Next time it got a network connection, it had to find them all over again, which took a long time. For a while, I kept a copy of all the photos locally too, but that took too much time and effort to keep syncing with the network copy. Even with automatic syncing software, you have to keep checking that it’s really working, and usually running it frequently to make sure things stay up to date.

Maybe I’ll have a bit more of a go at all this again soon.

Missing any annoying relatives this Christmas?

Is your Christmas Day lacking that annoying relative who insists on nagging you at every opportunity and telling you that everything you like to do for fun is wrong? Are you crying out for an excuse to nip into the kitchen and have a quick sip of that gin you have stashed away?

Well, have no fear, because the BBC has it covered… there’s a reason it’s often called ‘Auntie’.

In answer to your question, ‘auntie’, we’re online because you have yet again failed to show anything decent on TV. OK? Now stop nagging me and go criticise Cousin Channel Five’s bawdy christmas tie instead.