Just because I want to…

..after having enjoyed a VR gift from a friend. It’s time for a brief moment of Slash squee.

[image:2052 size=small]

Mmmmmhmmm…oh the hair the hair the hair the hair! The Lovely Mr Hudson here is one of the sexiest men in rock n’ roll, there are others, your mileage may vary, as will your taste in argyle sweaters if you happen to be addicted to a certain other guitarist whose name conveniently escapes me right now. No doubt someone will be along shortly to jog my memory.

In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy this pic.

Review – Pentel Aquash Crayon Set

The last of my reviews of art materials by Pentel.

[image:2637 size=original]

What is it?

It’s a set of 10 watercolour crayons with an aquash brush (a very handy hollow body brush pen for filling with water), a sharpener, and a cleaning sponge. All in a pretty little tin.

Is it any good?

Well, it does the job. The crayons work well wet and dry, and it’s possible to get a good range of tones and effects. The sharpener ensures your crayons stay as sharp as they need to be, and you can create your own mixes in the little palette dimples left for you in the tray. The crayons come in white, blue, light green, green, yellow, purple, red, orange, brown and black, so you have everything you need to get going.