Mechanical Pencils

Latest Update: Added some brief notes on the Faber-Castell e-Motion, and the Caran d’Ache Fixpencil, and a link to an article I’ve spent a lot of time working on recently – The Cult Pens Guide to Mechanical Pencils.

  • For more information about mechanical pencils than you can shake a stick at, go read The Cult Pens Guide to Mechanical Pencils. I know it’s good, because I wrote most of it, with lots of help and suggestions.
  • See also: Pencil Hardness: What those letters and number mean – HB, 4B, 2H, etc.

Some of these link to full reviews of our own, and some link to reviews elsewhere (especially Dave’s Mechanical Pencils.) Others just have a few notes. We get to try lots of pens and pencils now, but don’t get chance to fully review them all. Most of the ones we’ve tried are via Cult Pens, Michael’s employer. Opinions here are entirely our own, etc.


There’s two main types of mechanical pencils – Leadholders and Automatic pencils…

Party Projects

Latest Update: Added a geekier alternative to the wine glass stem charms.

  • Geeky Wine Glass Stem Charms from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Made from old LEDs, resistors, etc. Nice. Geeks can have friends too. (Found via ReadyMade Blog.)
  • Light-up Coasters – made from clear plastic, with LEDs inside, wired up so they glow when you put a drink on them. Handy if you party in the dark. (Via Gizmodo.)
  • Napkin Folding 101 – Some useful links from Lifehacker – including designs to sit in wine glasses, stand up on a plate, and to hold the cutlery.

A Squeevana moment…brought to you by WomanoftheWorld

Here is a little more instruction on reaching squeevana. Today I thought about things that shouldn’t have happened, to me and to my special friend. It sucks when bad things happen and you can’t do anything about it. You have to cry sometimes. And I did. When that happens to you, when you finish crying or worrying, or whatever bad thing, don’t despair – just squee!!

Now go put on some music. I just finished listening to Emerald Eyes…oh my good god…what a fabulous song, and it’s all Jimmy. No singing, just my favorite thing in all the world, beautiful luscious Jimmy with no interruptions…guess where I am about to go??

Squee 102, Advanced Squee 2: Squeevana – Where is it and how do I get there?

Oh Squeevana, the place where those of us who squee want to be! It’s a place where you are floating on a cloud of perfect serenity; brought on by the afterglow of a squee so massive it propelled you into ecstasy with your guitar boy in tow…ahhhhh…

It’s not so hard to get there. Practice of course makes it easier to reach. You see, over the years as Jimmy got hotter and hotter and I fell more and more susceptible to his innumerable charms, it just got easier to reach moments where he got me so excited and delirious I felt myself separating from earth and traveling away to Jimmy heaven. You can do it too! Come on – grab anything about the man you find brings on the biggest squee for you and let’s take a journey. You all know who I’m taking. I do apologize for going on and on about Pagey, but, what can I say? That gorgeous man has owned me since the 70’s and no one trips my trigger like he does. So once again, if Le Sex doesn’t do it for you, remove him in my lesson and insert your hottie where necessary.

More Ad Fiddling

A bit more fiddling with PigPog’s ads today. I replaced the Chitika ads at the bottom of the page with AuctionAds some time back, but it wasn’t working too well. The ads were theoretically targeted using the page title, but as with similar Chitika ads, our titles rarely work well as keywords. I’ve now implemented AuctionAds as another type of ad we can insert ‘semi-manually’ – we put a simple code into a page, and Drupal turns it into an AuctionAds ad unit. Like this one for “Parker 51”, for example…