Duct Tape Crafts

UPDATE – Clone yourself with a custom duct tape dress form.

Duct Tape (or “Gaffa” as we call it here in the UK) is a strong, versatile tape that no household should be without. So why not get creative with it? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

New Home, New System for Coping with Summer

We’d just got our old house sorted out for summer cooling. We don’t want the cats to get out of any windows, and we don’t want spiders getting in, so we wanted to do it with the minimum of open windows. Strategically placed fans moved a lot of air around the house, though, and proved quite effective. The main trick seemed to be getting airflow between upstairs and downstairs. Before we managed that, the upstairs would get incredibly hot, whilst downstairs remained relatively cool.

Updated Keyword Lookup Tool

I added a keyword lookup tool to PigPog ages ago. When writing, we just stick special tags around a word or words, and a bit of code behind the scenes turns the word into a special link. The page it links to is just a list of links to search for that word on various sites – PigPog, Google, Amazon US, Amazon UK, del.icio.us, Flickr, etc. It also includes a Chitika ad unit that’s been fed the magic word to have a stab at getting a relevant ad.

Attempting the biggest Life Hack of them all…

Last Monday, I joined our local Slimming World group. After years of swearing I’d never do another diet ever, ever, again (and, I’m sure, putting on a pound in weight every time I said it), I decided to give Slimming World another go. I think I’ve been motivated by a number of things – like the cold, hard slap of reality brought on by seeing myself on video; feeling energised by the beautiful surroundings we live in and wanting to be fit enough to make the most of it; and being able to buy clothes somewhere other than Evans; but most of all, I just had the feeling that enough was enough, and it was time to do something about it.

Moleskine Hacks

Latest Update: Added a link to a Moleskine Hard Drive.

Moleskine? Little black notebooks, with a bookmark, elastic closure, and a storage compartment in the back. Useful little things on their own, but some people feel the need to trick them out further.

Marking Up

Most people just use their Moleskines freeform, scribbling whatever and wherever they like. Some people prefer a little structure…

Cheapster PDA

Latest Update: Added a link to the perfect companion to the Cheapster PDA, the 2-Minute Paper Wallet.

OK, so it’s just a bit of folded paper, but if Merlin can name a stack of index cards and a clip the HipsterPDA, we can name this the CheapsterPDA. Based on an idea from the book Living Out Loud by Keri Smith.