Calculator Obsession

I’ve always been prone to the odd geeky obsession. Some last, some don’t. Pens, fortunately, seems to be lasting pretty well, otherwise my job would be getting a bit tedious. The whole Interweb thing has kept a long appeal for me. Every now and then I have a recurring obsession with text editors, especially the really painful ones to use. I’m writing this in Emacs now, but I spend just as much time obsessing over Vim. It’s all part of being a bit of a wannabe geek.

I recently developed one of these obsessions over calculators, and it’s a tricky one to explain. Yes, I studied maths and further maths at A-Level, but I’ve not done anything much with it since then, and I don’t know how to use most of the features on the calculators I’m obsessing over. That doesn’t seem to stop me at all, though.

So what’s the appeal?

Safari for Windows

Apple released a Windows version of Safari (their web browser on the Mac) a while ago. I downloaded it and gave it a go, despite the many reports of it being terribly buggy.

Safari Showing PigPog

Well, for me, it seems more reliable than Firefox – I only managed to crash it once in a couple of days of use, where Firefox crashes several times a day under my use. The down side is how it handles crashing. Firefox brings back all of my windows and tabs, maybe losing the last couple I’d opened. Safari just opened up again from scratch with everything gone. Not graceful.

Still, it doesn’t seem bad for a beta release – I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes – worth trying out if you’re interested, just don’t rely too heavily on it yet.

It was 8.30am. I needed coffee. I would have gone ANYWHERE.

Earlier today…

First day on a new temp booking and I’m where many a new starter ends up on their first day when they have time to kill. Since I’m here, and I have about 45 minutes to spare before I go give a cheery ‘Hullo, I’m your new temp.’ to my client, I’d like to take some time to communicate one-on-one with an entity that has an increasingly large influence on my quality of life.

Making Books (Bookbinding)

Latest Update: Added a link to a nice photo journal project, and re-organised the page a little.



Recipe – Superfree Hot Brew

Here’s a quick recipe I came up with last night to help chase off my cold. It’s definitely for the love it crowd, and not for the faint-hearted.

Get the kettle on, and put a generous spoonful or two of marmite into a mug. Pour boiling water onto the marmite and stir until the delicious goop has dissolved and you’re left with something that looks like black coffee. Then add a little sprinkling of garlic powder, and, just to make sure you mean business, as much tabasco (or any other hot sauce that takes your fancy) as you think you can handle.

Slimming World Week 8 – Whoopsie…

I had my first gain this week. Only half a pound which is a measley 226g (or thereabouts), and I do know what’s caused it, so I should be able to get back on plan properly for week 9. Not that I really went off plan this week, we just did a lot of eating out because we were entertaining visitors which included introducing our friend from New Zealand to the delights of the Devonshire Cream Tea (yes, I could have gone without, but I compromised and had a half portion instead).