Slimming World 22nd October 2007

Monday night’s meeting nearly got violent. Mr Scale and I were locked in battle. He wasn’t convinced by my pleas for mercy, my claims of having worked really hard to stick to plan all week. He wanted to give me a mediocre result for the week and if I wanted more, I had to fight for it. I was up and down on that damn thing so many times it looked like I had developed a sudden need to do step aerobics. Finally, after shedding a layer and nipping to the loo, he finally caved in… another 3lb gone! So, that’s a total loss of…

5st 13lb or 83lb or 37.6kg

One piddly pound away from another award. This one will put me a third of the way through my journey, and if I get there next week I’ll still be (almost) on track with my plan to string the ‘one stone a month’ losses out as long as possible. If I don’t get there next week, let me warn you all now, I will be emotional to say the least.

Portable Emacs-onna-Stick – USB Geekiness

I had quite a phase of using Emacs a while ago. One problem I hit was that I’d find a great trick for using it for PHP and JavaScript stuff at work, then forget to copy the stuff to home. Then, I found a nice code-folding trick at home, and forgot to copy that to work. Once I realised, I had to fiddle about working out what bits I needed to copy between the two installations to make everything work the same.

I’m back with Emacs now, and trying to use PlannerMode for basic ‘GTD stuff’. If I can’t take my lists to work with me, though, it’s a bit less convenient. It’s much easier to have access to the lists there than to have to email stuff to work that I need to do there, or to home that I need to do there.

GTD with Emacs PlannerMode

Latest Update: Removed PlannerLove – the site is sadly departed, and the domain has been bought by some domain squatters.

Sacha is currently writing the book on Emacs. When it comes out, it would seem rude for me to not buy a copy and read it. And she’s a small powerhouse of infectious enthusiasm, which will drag me back to Emacs. So, I’m giving up early and going back now. I know when I’m beaten. I’d just got myself nicely settled as a Vim user, too…

Recently, I’ve been trying out a new way of doing GTD, and it seems pretty good to me. In the end, it was Emacs I couldn’t cope with using, but if you get on with Emacs, this could be for you. Let’s start with a disclaimer this time, though…

  • This is one for the geeks.

It’s all based around using the Emacs text editor, which isn’t the easiest thing around to use, even just to edit a text file. It balances a couple of elisp programs on top of that, too, which let you do all sorts of clever things, using nothing but plain text. If you’re geek enough, though, and the idea of keeping everything in plain text appeals to you, this is one fast GTD system…

Slimming World 15th October 2007

This week saw the return of the delightful Saint Frankie and her lovely husband Paul, both looking more tanned than any resident of Britain should be in the middle of October. A fab time was had by both on their holidays, and it was lovely to see them again. The weight loss for this week was fairly mediocre at 1lb, but a loss is a loss, and takes my total up to…

Today is the day to Stand Up and Speak Out

24 hours of Stand Up and Speak Out Kicks Off with New York Event

With music, speeches, a guided meditation and a magician walking over glass, the 24 hours of Stand Up and Speak Out kicked off on the ever-bustling Union Square, in the heart of New York City.

From the stage, presenter Jeffrey Fracé asked passers-by to participate in the event, organized by the Art of Living Foundation New York. He told these New Yorkers that they could take part in the global movement, simply by standing up from the big blue tarp laid out on the famous square and repeating the anti-poverty pledge – urging governments to show courage and resolve in meeting the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Updating my Drupal (lack of) Knowledge

I finally got around to working out some of the differences between Drupal 4.x modules and Drupal 5.x modules. Not much of the differences, mind, just enough to get the few custom bits we wanted back on PigPog working.

  • The old semi-automatic ads we had that we pop in by just adding a tag or two have returned. OK, so I don’t suppose many people were waiting for us to sort that out. When we redesigned, though, we did go for a less intrusive set of ads generally, losing the big square that poked into the content, and that’s costing us a bit, because that one did get people going clicky. We don’t want it back, though, because the site looks better without it. Putting the little semi-auto ones back should help make up a bit.
  • We can now create new GuitarPr0n entries again (and Gary should be able to, too). We still intend to make a better home for GuitarPr0n at some point, but this makes things a bit more liveable-with until then.

The main difference, in case it’s of interest to anyone Google should drop here, is that modules now have to have a .info file as well as the .module file. They’re pretty easy to create, though, just copy and edit one from another module.

  • Oh, I’ve set the ads in the right-hand column to be text-only, too. Some of the animated graphic ads were kind of distracting and ugly.

Slimming World 8th October 2007

Another week has gone by and I seem to have found my level. Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with my Syn allowance and activity levels, but last week I kept my syns down to the level that everyone else has (between 5 and 15 a day), and kept my activity up to a minimum of 30 minutes a day on work days, an hour a day on days off.