Slimming World 19th November 2007

It was party time again, this time for the Miss Slinky competition…

Hello from us!

Here we are, posing patiently though dying to tuck in to all the great food.

Car Shopping

Bob - Front

We had rather a nice surprise on Tuesday. We had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off work, because we were going to see An Evening With Andy Rouse on Tuesday night, and since I had plenty of holiday left, figured we’d take a bit of time around it.

On Tuesday morning, just as we were wondering what to do with the day up until we went to see Andy, my mobile rang. It was my mum, just calling to check that she had the right mobile number for me, and delete the other numbers she still had lying around from phones long since gone. Oh, and while she was talking to me, would we do something for them while we were off? Would we mind picking out our Christmas present for this year? Any car we wanted, with a budget of up to £10,000.

Two Toyotas – Yaris and Aygo

Not really a post as such, just a way of sharing more than 140 characters with @robertbook on Twitter – he was asking about the Aygo and Yaris, and we’ve just looked at them.

First off, although we’re in the process of buying a Honda, we’ve had two Toyota Corollas, and been very happy with them. We want a real automatic, though, and Toyota’s current autos are switchable manuals where you have to lift off the accelerator to let it change gear. Not as automatic as we wanted. Apart from that, we’d probably be buying another Toyota, and the main reason we’re going to Honda is that they seem very similar to Toyota in a lot of ways.

Slimming World 12th November 2007

Last week I talked about how it’s never a good idea to assume you know everything. And since last week’s adventure resulted in a weight gain, I must kick off today’s post by reiterating that. On this journey I’m learning all the time, and on Monday night I learned that a succession of days on the Green plan do not do me any favours. I’ll explain… the Green version of the Slimming World plan is the one that has things like potatoes, pasta, beans and peas as foods that can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Now, I like potatoes. And pasta. And beans and peas. If you tell me I can eat as much of this stuff as I like, I will eat vast quantities of the damn things.

An Evening With Andy Rouse

Yesterday evening, we attended An Evening with Andy Rouse at the Stroud Theatre in Street. No, not in a street – a town called Street. It’s a whimsical name for a town, but the South West is rich in natural whimsy.

For those who don’t already know, Andy Rouse is a wildlife photographer who has won many awards, and taken an amazing number of truly great photos. He’s also known for his humour and love of West Ham (for non-Brits – that’s a football club, not a type of meat).

We had a great time. Before the show even started Andy was running around meeting people and joking with them, and selling books and calendars. I jumped in early to pick up a copy of his latest book, Understanding RAW Photography, getting it signed, and taking the chance to hand him a Moo card.

Flock and Bad Pen Mojo


I’ve started trying out Flock again, since it reached version 1.0 recently, and first impressions are pretty good. If this post looks strange, impressions may be starting to dip – I’m attempting to post this using Flock.

It seems to be able to run the AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox, and Google Browser Sync seems to be working ok. I’m not entirely convinced it’s still working in Firefox, but that may be another problem entirely.

The problem I had before with Flock was down to memory management, and I don’t know yet if that’s fixed. It’s not really Flock’s problem as such – Firefox doesn’t seem to manage memory at all well, and Flock adds features on top of Firefox.

Update: Flock hung when I tried to post this – on the plus side, though, it recovered it when it restarted and I opened the blog editor again. It hung again when I tried again, so it doesn’t look like the blog editor likes our installation of Drupal.

Bad Pen Mojo

Pens and Photos

I Should Blog More

I should blog more. That’s hardly an original start to a blog post, especially one on a long-neglected blog, but there you go.

I’m using Emacs for much of my day-to-day stuff at the moment, working in PlannerMode. I never use the ‘Schedule’ section (I use Google Calendar), so I’ve changed it to ‘Blog’ instead, with the idea of tapping a blog post into it during the day, then posting at the end of the day. If you’re reading this, it worked. Once.

So, what’s been happening recently? We’re still enjoying Devon. My calculator obsession seems to have faded somewhat, leaving me quite settled with the HP 12C financial calculator. There are far more powerful things around, but they’re sitting unused in a drawer. The 12C just does the basics really nicely.

I’m left with my current obsessions being pens, notebooks and Emacs.


I have bought a few new pens recently:

Slimming World 5th November 2007

This week Hubster celebrated his 35th birthday and I celebrated my 29th week at Slimming World. Although I’ve settled into the plan, I am aware that getting too comfy can be a problem, so in a lot of ways I’m still acting as though I’m a complete newbie. I still read my book, still look things up and I never assume I know syn counts and measurements off by heart. There have been times recently where I did slip into a bit of comfy complacency, only to discover that I’ve misunderstood or plain forgotten some fundamental fact that could have upset the apple cart a fair bit.

Thank you Irene and Tim

Dear Irene and Tim,

Today (well, tomorrow officially but Top Gear’s on soon and I won’t have time in the morning) we should all celebrate you, and thank you, for bringing into the world a being so splendid in so many ways.

Happy 35th Birthday Michael

Thank you.

And Michael? Happy 35th birthday. You’re my soulmate and my best friend and I absolutely adore you. I hope this weekend has been fun for you, and you have a happy day tomorrow. I’m sure that you will, since you’ll probably be playing with pens all day. 😉

Slimming World 29th October 2007

The First Six Months In Pictures


April 2006 – our Wedding Day. I had no idea how much I weighed then, and I didn’t really care. Although I was aware that my weight was a problem, I thought that it was such a part of me and my identity that I never really felt motivated to do anything about it. After all, a fat bride is still a bride. I’d managed to trick that man into thinking he wanted to grow old with me and that’s all I really cared about.

It begins ...