Sam’s Best of 2007 Awards

2007’s almost over and done with. The year has been quite a ride for me, exactly as the great man once described with a full quota of ups, downs, thrills and chills. It didn’t start terribly well, though. During the last two weeks of February and the first week of March, I lost my job, our eldest cat died, and a couple of weeks later my Grandma died. Unemployment and two deaths in the space of four weeks… at that point 2007 really didn’t hold much promise. But it picked up, so let’s get on with the Awards.


Diaries – arg! Twitter – arg! Music from flat below – arg! Desk space – arg! Mouse – arg! Browser – arg!

Hm. I’m starting to detect a pattern. Maybe I should walk away from my cluttered desk area and open myself a nice refreshing can of calmthefu*kdown.


Alright Michael, I get it. Now help me.

I used to take the proverbial out of my husband for the way he’d constantly be fiddling around with his ‘system’. He’d scribble his thoughts and ideas into notebooks, various sizes of filofax, various digital devices, but nothing really sticks and he’s always changing his mind. It seemed quite hilarious and very odd to me, until a week or so ago. As 2007 prepares for the final curtain and 2008 waits in the wings, I also find myself in need of a comfortable and reliable way of recording my food diaries and other bits and bobs.

Slimming World 17th and 24th December 2007

Festive greetings to all who have been following my regular weight-loss blether. Hope you’re having a fun and relaxing Christmas Day. Here’s an update on the past couple of meetings.

17th December 2007

Missed last week because when I wasn’t working, I was sleeping or staring into space wishing I was sleeping. I had a little gain the week commencing the 10th, so was doing my best that week to ensure a substantial loss to catch up. I did the usual thing of concentrating on the Superfree foods (free on both plans), but I also kept an eye on how much I was having. Yes, it’s possible to eat and eat and eat on this plan, but I had the feeling that I perhaps wasn’t paying enough attention to quantities and found myself over-eating and making myself feel a bit off.

By the next encounter with Mr Scale, I’d lost 4.5lb (2kg), which earned me another sticker and certificate, and you know how much I like my stickers and certificates.

Yet Another Filofax – Mini Guildford

I recently switched back to using my Pocket Lyndhurst Filofax. Notebooks were going ok, but for the question of where my ‘GTD-style’ lists went. I tried putting them on the computer, but I never got around to even putting them there in the first place. I came up with a couple of different ideas for mixing them in with my usual daily notes, or putting them in the back of the same notebook, but neither felt right. It would either take too long to find a list when I needed to quickly check something, or it would take too long to copy the lists over every time I started a new book.

Personalising PigPog

The plan we had recently for making PigPog all about Visual Arts wasn’t really working out very well. We’ve not been updating much still, and most of what we have done has been personal stuff, not much more than catblogging. Rather than fight the inevitable, I’d made a few more adjustments to try to bring what PigPog claims to be more in line with what it is.

  • We’ve got rid of all the old set categories, and now only have ‘tags’ that we stick to things ‘on-the-fly’. It doesn’t make much real difference, but at least there aren’t a bunch of unused categories listed at the top of the form when we add new entries, taunting us, and saying “These are the things you’re supposed to be writing about”.
  • I’ve tweaked the Tag Cloud interface, which should now make a reasonably easy and fun way to find stuff on PigPog. It’s all still a bit time-based, but it’s nice and automatic.
  • We’ve dropped the ‘Visual Arts’ tagline. It now just says “Michael and Sam”, which is about as far as we want to narrow things down.

Stuff that we may do different or change in the future:

  • We’ll probably try to do more short blog posts, putting more into PigPog than Twitter.
  • A new logo would be nice, but I’m not sure what. The current landscape photo was just the first thing that came to mind that matched the colour scheme, and I didn’t intend it to last.

But Mister Scrooge, it’s Christmas Eve!

I’m writing this post on my handheld coming to you live from the hand-picked guatemalan coffee shop at the local hand-picked guatemalan overpriced food and pants emporium. It’s only 8.30am and already the place is heaving with people desperately stocking up on supplies for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to go to work in a bit. I could quite happily sit here all day watching shoppers clear the shelves of mince pies and stuffing, but instead I’ve got to go in to work and spend the day wondering when we can go home.

It’s business as usual tonight, though. Off to Group as usual so I’ll be back later with a festive Slimming World update. Now to sink this espresso, turn off the Nano (thanks, Michael), shove it back in my cavernous new handbag (thanks again Michael!) and be on my way.

A happy Christmas Eve to all, wherever you are.

See you later. 🙂

Slimming World 10th December 2007

It was my ‘funny’ week this week, so Mr Scale reported a little gain of half a pound. So, let’s gloss over that one this week and enjoy this photo of me celebrating last week’s achievement instead:

Celebrating 100lbs lost in 32 weeks.

So it would seem that every four weeks or so I hit a little glitch. Hmm. Had some good advice on how to deal with such times – acting as if it’s my first week, looking everything up, counting and measuring. I did that last time, and it seemed to work. So, onwards and downwards! The journey continues …

Sidmouth for Sunset

We had a bit of a trip out at the start of November, to Budleigh Salterton and Sidmouth, and happened to be around Sidmouth for the sunset over the beach.

Sunset at Sidmouth

Sunset at Sidmouth - Dark

At the same time, looking the other direction gave a completely different view – it barely looked like time for sunset at all: