Slimming World – 18th February 2008

Right! Back in business after a brief sortakinda holiday. Before my little break I was getting a little downhearted and frustrated with how my progress on the plan had slowed down and my interest in the whole thing had started to wane. So, a break was just what the doctor ordered. Although I had two separate 3-day breaks from the diet I did still go to group and weigh in. Defeating the object? No, not really. It seemed sensible to keep an eye on things in case my time “off the leash” was doing far more damage than I was preparing for. As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad at all.

4th February

This was after a weekend of burgers at Wetherspoons, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, chocolate and cheese and biscuits, so I was expecting a gain. I lost 2 and a half pounds.

11th February

Room for one more in there?

I wasn’t going to weigh in on Mr and Mrs night. In fact, Michael and I were only there really to photograph the winners. When the winners turned out to be us, the camera had to be turned over to someone else. Thank you Chris for such a great job!

At the end of the evening I decided to pay a visit to Mr Scale, who informed me that I had gained 3lb. Trust me, I had earned every ounce.

18th February

Back in business this week, and after the obligatory fish and chips on the beach and enough alcohol to turn me into a stumbling comedy drunk for the night followed by just 4 days back on plan, the most I was hoping was for was to have not gained any more than the 3lb I put on the previous week. I lost the 3lb, and one more for good luck.

All of this takes my weight loss to a total of eight stone, eight pounds or 120lb or 54.4kg.

I enjoyed the break, and now I’m back on plan I’m enjoying food optimising again. And for the next six weeks I’m not alone. Yes, friends, Michael’s slimming too. And for a good cause. Both of us are participating in Slimming World’s Slimathon. I’m going to be keeping on the tried and true Food Optimising plan, while Michael is doing his own thing, including joining me for Slimming World meals and cutting back on his daily pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Want to sponsor us? Please do! Check out our page on Justgiving for more details.

Ah, it’s good to be back. The journey continues!

Quack Quack! Some healing thoughts for Mum.

Back in August, I received a phone call from my mum.

> “Don’t worry, but I’m in hospital.”

Of course, I’ve never done what that woman told me to, so on hanging up I kicked off a couple of weeks of panic, anxiety and worry over what was going on. I only received information in dribs and drabs… she was having an operation, it was to do with her stomach problems, she was in surgery, took a little longer than expected… and then a week later found out that it was emergency surgery to remove a tumour.

Since then, Mum’s had to learn to live with a stoma which she nicknamed “Fred”. Mum tolerated Fred’s presence for six months, living life to the full, including going on holiday twice. Last weekend she went back into hospital to undergo a reversal operation, to have Fred out of her life and return to functioning normally. The op was on Monday, and once again I’m receiving just bits and bobs of news from the hospital and the lovely Derek. It seems the op was a success but from what I can gather recovering from it is a bit of a struggle.

Times like this I really feel the 200-odd miles between us, and part of me just wants to drop everything and race up there to be by her side, to watch her every move, to make sure she has everything she needs. But I know she’s in good care, the staff at King’s Mill are excellent, and if I did turn up, she’d kill me.

When we talk to her on the phone Michael always quacks at her, because either a) Mum’s fondness of the phrase “mi duck” or b) Michael’s a bit silly. She loves to hear the ‘quack quack’, so please, send some healing silly quacky goodness to my mum today.

Keep on keeping on, Mum. Dawlish is waiting for you in April.

Thing A Day 19 – Info Board

Thing A Day 19 - SW Info Board

Decided to abandon my planned theme for the week and go back to a project I had started for Slimming World. This is an information board about Flexible Syns, and will hopefully be a useful little extra for us all to enjoy at group.

Thing A Day 17 – Oh, never mind…

I have made things today, and I had a lot of fun doing it. However, having failed to get a decent shot of the things I’ve made and at the same time realising how crappy they are, I think they’ll stay hidden for the time being. If I’m going to give you people a Fimo Space Hopper and a Fimo Bod, they should be good. These aren’t. But I had a larf doing it.

So, to compensate for the lack of anything decent from me for the second day of my retro week, please enjoy this little YouTube gem, featuring the yellow frocked b*stard himself: