A New Look for PigPog

Ever since upgrading to Drupal 5.x, we’ve just stuck with the default theme, with just a colour tweak to make it ours. I finally decided to take a bit of time to look at other themes, and found one I quite liked – it’s called Channel Nine (no relation that I’m aware of to the Microsoft thing). I’ve made a few very small changes to the theme, mainly to change the colours.

The idea of a theme without the standard ‘masthead’ top section was quite appealing, and this one seems to cope nicely with different screen widths, too.

As usual, I’ve tried to check things, but I might have broken something – please comment here if you spot something I’ve missed.

5 thoughts on “A New Look for PigPog

  1. even when I’m logged in it seems to me that I get a centre page of content with a left hand and right hand column of ads. Something about it also makes it difficult to work out which is the content and which bits to ignore. Wouldn’t want to ignore the content. No, wait, come back over here – I haven’t finished yet!

    Thumbrella – Words to A Void
    Little Feat Covers Annexe

  2. I think that layouts & themes are always worth reviewing every so often.

    I was just wondering of you could increase the contrast between the green foreground text in the left-hand sidebar and it’s green background?

  3. I think we’ll be having another shot at it this weekend. I’ll try to make sure things are a bit easier to read if nothing else. Green text on a green background may not have been the best choice, but I still prefer it to the beige that was there before.

  4. Damn. Now you’ve made me realise I don’t either. I’ve changed the colours again, which makes it a bit brighter, but I’m still not sure.

    Maybe I should look into designing a new theme from scratch. Not sure how tricky that is for Drupal – probably not as easy as I’d like it to be!

    Or perhaps a picture in the sidebar will be enough to distract from it…

    Edit to add: I think we’ll maybe stick with this until the weekend, at least, then try to work out what’s involved in making our own theme. Or just looking harder for another one.

    Thanks for the honest prod, though, Gary. I’d managed to convince myself that I liked it. I certainly didn’t with the previous colours, and I don’t think I do even now.

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