Two Years as a Randall

Just a quickie before I fly off to work, but today is our second wedding anniversary. Two years of saying “No, it’s spelled R-A-N-D-A-L-L”.


Many things have changed in the last two years. We moved to another part of the country, and parts of me are gradually disappearing…


But one thing will never change. The glorious, fun, life-affirming, daft and loving relationship I have with my husband.


Happy anniversary, hubster. I love you.

Slimming World – 7th April and 14th April 2008

7th April 2008


I find that taking a breather from Food Optimising every now and then is a good idea. It’s a chance to deal with any cravings, and remind myself just how much better being on plan actually is. I’ve done it before and it worked rather well, and now I’m back on the wagon, I’m hoping for similar results in the next few weeks.

I knew I’d taken a bit of a gamble having another break, and Mr Scale took great pleasure in announcing a gain of 4.5lbs. I suspected something like this would happen, and with not a shred of regret, I continued on with my eversoslightly tweaked version of the plan from the magazine.

Having all the meals for the week laid out in a grid really helped, and it was really easy to stick to. Eating 5 times a day? I can handle that without a problem! As the week progressed I had the feeling that it was going exceptionally well. I was looking forward to showing Mr Scale who was boss the following Monday.

14th April 2008

I lost 8lbs. Which landed me neatly on my next stop, putting my total weight loss at exactly 10 stone or 140lb or 63.5kg. I was delighted to have achieved that this week as the following day I met up with my mum for the first time since Christmas. She can’t get over my transformation, not just physically, but in my attitude and moods. I don’t think I’ve changed that much, but if I think back to my life before Slimming World, I have to say things are an awful lot better.

To celebrate… I took another couple of days off. Sorry, but even I can’t go to the seaside and stay on track. I indulged my merry little self until I was close to re-enacting a scene from The Meaning of Life. But, the following day the wagon was waiting for me and I cheerfully hopped back in.

Looking Forward…

I’ve been back on plan since Wednesday, and apart from a visit to Subway today in which I found a sandwich that fell within my Syn allowance as long as I didn’t add any dressings, I’ve been pretty good. This week I’d be happy if I maintained my weight loss, but any additional loss to help me on my way to my next stop would be nice. I’ve put together a 7 day menu on a grid inspired by the one from the magazine, so I hope that brings good results again for the following week.

This coming week marks the end of my first year at Slimming World and I am absolutely astounded at how well it’s going. No plan has ever worked for me as well as this one has, and that’s mainly down to the ease and flexibility of the plan itself and the support available at group. The group I attend is positive, friendly and above all a bloody good laugh. I would say I’m lucky, but having visited other Slimming World groups, I think they’re all the same. All of them positive, friendly and fun.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met while I’m at group, or talking about SW online. You’ve all helped to inspire me to keep going. Extra special thanks to my consultant, the wonderful Frankie Pankiewicz. The journey’s a lot easier with you showing the way, Frankie.

So then. Here’s to the next 12 months. The journey continues!

Yet Another Filofax Again – Pocket Guildford

When I wrote my last Scribbles post, I’d just settled on using the Mini Guildford Filofax. I ended that post with:

It’s quite possible I’ll be back to the Moleskine within a day or two, or that I’ll try to stretch my jeans pocket to cram in my Pocket Filofax. I have a worrying amount of fun trying them, though, and that’s the important thing.

I was writing that entry in the Filofax at the time, and by time I’d written it, I was feeling cramped on such small paper. It doesn’t help that the Mini paper has slightly wider lines than the larger Pocket paper. By the time I was typing that post up, I’d pretty much decided that the Mini was too small. I tried my old Pocket Lyndhurst again. It was good, with a lot more space for my notes, but a bit of a stretch on the pocket. Although they call that size “Pocket”, it’s only really for quite big pockets.

The Lyndhurst is one of the biggest Filofax binders in any given size – the Pocket Lyndhurst is the biggest of the Pocket binders. So, I decided to have a look at the other Pocket binders, and see how much difference it made. We had a trip to Staples, and I tried a few, including the pocket test (which must look very suspicious – especially when I have one Filofax in my pocket at the start of my testing, so end up grabbing one back from the shelf and into my pocket before leaving). None of them seemed small enough that I was sure. I bought some paper in both Pocket and Mini sizes so I could continue my experiments with the binders I already had.

I switched everything over to the Pocket Lyndhurst, and used it for a few days. Despite being a bit of a pocket-bulge, it went well. I finally gave in when we popped into another branch of Staples for more paper, and bought a Pocket Guildford. I already had the Mini Guildford, and it’s a really nice binder – a big full ‘wallet-style’ pocket around the outside, zipped section and card pockets on the inside, but keeping quite a small, thin profile.

So far, I’m getting on very well with it. It’s still quite big for a pocket, and probably not what most people would count as pocketable, but it works well for me. The Pocket sized paper is just big enough that I don’t feel like I’m getting through too many sheets, and lists can consist of a reasonable number of items. It’s just like the Pocket Lyndhust, but slightly easier on the pocket.

Michael’s Scribbles: 2008-04-06

I did these ‘scribbles’ posts for a couple of days, then nothing. I didn’t stop typing them up – I just didn’t write any in the first place. Now that I am scribbling again, I’m doing it in a different place. I’m experimenting with using my Mini Filofax again. It’s a bit of a trade-off, as these things so often are. The area of paper to write on is quite a bit smaller than in a Moleskine, so I’m using a lot more pages. On the other hand, though, the paper is better, and I can have separate sections for other things. I’m not keeping a real GTD system at the moment, but it’s still useful to have some lists, like a wish list and a shopping list.

It’s quite possible I’ll be back to the Moleskine within a day or two, or that I’ll try to stretch my jeans pocket to cram in my Pocket Filofax. I have a worrying amount of fun trying them, though, and that’s the important thing.

Another New Look for PigPog

Another week, another new look for PigPog.

This time, it’s a completely new theme I’ve built, so there’s even more chance that I’ve broken something. It’s all a bit basic, but it feels a bit more like it’s actually ours. I’ve put all the navigation stuff in a couple of reasonably narrow bars on the right, so the content is the first thing on a page.

It’s readable, and shouldn’t be too overloaded with ads, which were two of the problems with last week’s effort. Anyway, as ever, let me know what you think – even if you don’t like it. When it’s a theme built from scratch, it should be a bit easier to change.