Michael’s Scribbles: 2008-04-01

I have a Pentel GraphGear 1000 0.3mm pencil, which I’d filled with Pilot Eno 2B leads, because I get on better with softer lead. The problem was that it wore down very quickly. I couldn’t use it for taking notes at work, because I’d have to stop to click more lead out three or more times when writing down an address.

Today, I finally got around to trying it out with Pentel AIN HB grade lead, and it’s much better. Yes, the line isn’t as dark, so it’s not quite as easy to read, but I can write several lines between clicks.

Ever since we started selling Diamine Inks at Cult Pens, I’ve been using almost nothing else. Until today, I’ve had good experience with every colour I’ve tried – Prussian Blue, Steel Blue, Umber, Saddle Brown, WES Imperial Blue – all have behaved very well. I picked up a bottle of Blue-Black last week, and loved the colour so much I flushed out both of my current pens, and filled them up with it.

I had flow problems with my Sheaffer Clipper Snorkel fairly quickly, and switched to the Pelikan M600, which never misbehaves. I started having flow problems with that, too.

By this afternoon, both pens were writing unevenly and skipping.

I’ve flushed them both out, and fed them both Waterman Blue-Black, and they seem fine again.

I love Diamine inks in general, and every other one I’ve tried has been great, but the Blue-Black does seem to be quite different stuff.

3 thoughts on “Michael’s Scribbles: 2008-04-01

  1. Caran d’Ache make superb ballpoint refills, and their 849 series pens are compact, in keeping with Moleskines. Or try a Lamy Swift, or one of the other Lamy pens that takes their black M66 retractable liquid-ink rollerball refill. Very dense, fine line, doesn’t strike through the paper too badly. The Uniball Micro Deluxe Waterproof in black is pretty good too (their blue seems too pale to me).

    Are there any “automatic advance” mechanical pencils in 0.3mm, to reduce the clicking?

  2. I prefer soft pencil leads too – but if you want fine dark lines, and are prepared to change from a pencil to a ballpoint, why not try one of the pens that take the fine Zebra-F refill? Alternatively, a Pelikan Fine Black?

  3. I’m not generally keen on ballpoints. If I want a fine dark line, I have my Sheaffer Clipper Snorkel F, which gives a thin solid line. I also use a Pelikan M600 F quite a lot.

    I do have a little pen with a Zebra 4C refill – when I do use ballpoint, Zebra are among my favourite refills to use. Pentel make some great ones, too – the ballpoint version of the GraphGear 0.5mm is very nice.

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