Another New Look for PigPog

Another week, another new look for PigPog.

This time, it’s a completely new theme I’ve built, so there’s even more chance that I’ve broken something. It’s all a bit basic, but it feels a bit more like it’s actually ours. I’ve put all the navigation stuff in a couple of reasonably narrow bars on the right, so the content is the first thing on a page.

It’s readable, and shouldn’t be too overloaded with ads, which were two of the problems with last week’s effort. Anyway, as ever, let me know what you think – even if you don’t like it. When it’s a theme built from scratch, it should be a bit easier to change.

2 thoughts on “Another New Look for PigPog

  1. I’ll count that as some success, at least. It’s not pretty, but it’s usable and readable. I’d rather it was usable and readable than pretty.

    We’ll work on making it a bit prettier later.

    Edit: Oh, my face is in an unfortunate place in the comments. Maybe we’ll work on that too. A bit of float:right is called for, I think.

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