Slimming in Public Week 2 Day 1

Kicking off another week where I intend to stay on plan 100% no matter what. Now, nobody die, dump me, fire me or do anything else to me that’s likely to take me off course, ‘k? Ta.

Sunday and Monday saw me backsliding again. Although Monday was really just a Green day with an assload more syns. Today’s excuse was that I was considering how Slimming World fits into my life and what I could do to shake things up a bit.

Firstly, I decided to join another group. Katrina runs a class on a Thursday evening that I can get to straight from work, it’s a nice walk, and it’s over and done with in enough time for me and the fella to still have an evening together. Also, believing strongly that variety is key to the success of this thing, I think the change would do me good. We shall see.

I’d like to quickly take this opportunity to give my thanks to Frankie and everyone else in the Monday 6.30 group. I wouldn’t have come this far without your encouragement and support. I’ll be back, some time or another… well, me or “The Guv” ;).

Getting back to business today has been a doddle, I have to say. At the moment I’m focusing on putting together a plan and sticking to it which I’ve done quite well today. Here’s today’s food diary:

BREAKFAST: 2 weetabix (B), milk (A), banana, 250ml pineapple juice (5 syns)

LUNCH: Smoked salmon, 2 nimble toast (B), salad, tomato, cucumber, celery

DINNER: Cheezburgers made with extra lean beef mince, 84g low fat cheddar (A + 6 syns), with onion, mushroom, tomato and salad leaves. Served with a dressing made from virtually fat free fromage frais, garlic, tabasco and chives.

SNACKS: Shape yogurt, 1 finn crisp for testing the dressing (1 syn)

TOTAL SYNS for the day = 12

Now, I thought it was going to come out less than that since I thought that 250ml of pineapple juice was 3 syns. Always worth double checking these things. I should have remembered (and I will do tomorrow morning) that I need to use my smaller glass for my morning juice, or count extra syns. The only thing I didn’t do was measure the milk on the cereal, but I know that enough to cover my weetabix is less than the allowed 250ml of semi skimmed milk… or do I? Next time I have cereals, I’ll check.

Anyway. It’s been a good, on-plan day. So that means it’s time for a bit of video squee. Woo! Guv! Shake your moneymaker! 😉

And to those who ask if Gene Hunt could be any more of a Nazi, here’s your answer:

Time Lapse Photos (or Videos)

When I bought my new Canon G9 recently, I thought it was kind of cute that it could do time lapse photography, but I didn’t think it was something I’d ever really use. I’ve actually ended up using it quite a bit.

It’s just like shooting video, except it only takes one frame per second. The result is a high-speed video, compressing minutes of reality into a few seconds. It’s almost the opposite of photography – in photography, you’re chopping reality down to a single instant. Here, you’re taking a chunk of time, and compressing it down to not much more than an instant.

Here’s Sam climbing the steps at the bottom of Tiverton park:

She didn’t go quite that fast in reality, though she was still pretty speedy.

A different Sam in this one, crossing the Grand Western Canal on the pulley-driven boat:

That one was filmed from on board the excellent floating cafe bar, The Ducks Ditty.

We had a trip to the Devon Railway Centre recently (see my photos. We had a ride on Ivor the Engine, and I made two time-lapse videos of the trip, breaking when we stopped at the picnic site halfway:

I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll tire of after a while, but I’m enjoying playing with it so far. You have to provide your own Benny Hill music.

Slimming in Public Day 7 – and on the seventh day…

…and on the seventh day, I rested.

Not the spectacular excursion off-plan as done in previous weeks, but off enough for me to enjoy a drink at the aforementioned ditty, a panini at teapots, and a pasty at home.

This week has been an interesting experiment, and one I will continue. It’s kept me thinking about my weight-loss mission, food and my lifestyle and for the most part I’m happy with how things are going, but I think it’s time for one or two things to change. So for this coming week I’m going to be working on those changes and making the most of what I already know works a treat.

More adventures to be had next week then. But for now, it’s time for a break. We’ll be right back.

Slimming in Public Day 6 – *So* Close

If it wasn’t for the heroics of my husband, putting his foot down with a firm “You cannot has takeaway”, I would now be wallowing in guilt and prawn crackers. But he pulled me through a particularly murky moment and again I managed to stay on plan all day.

It’s how it goes every time. I’m tired, feeling a bit grumpy, and there’s a huge great yak in the kitchen demanding some Gillette action before we can get to any food*. There have been many, many times in the past where we would have left the hairy bugger to entertain himself and headed out to the chinese chippy pizza kebab shop.

But Michael stepped in and saved the day. Here’s my food diary:

BRUNCH – The legendary Mad Hatter’s Brunch which consisted of – eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, beans (B) and 2 slices of white toast (8 syns).

The brunch saw us through the morning and our 3 mile walk around town. I didn’t feel a single hunger pang until about 5ish when I had…

SNACK – The hi-fi bar that tastes like a cherry bakewell. Cherry and almond, that’s the one. (B)

And finally, slightly late but never mind…

DINNER – Rrrrrrrump steak with roast aubergine, tomato, shallot, onion, courgette, carrot and pepper. Followed by a yogurt and a banana.

Yep, pigpogm saved the day, so by way of thanks, here’s some footage of hairy noisy buggers:

Till tomorrow, when gosh-darned it, I might have a biscuit.

*Why was there a hairy old yak in our kitchen? Go ask Merlin

Slimming in Public Day 5 – Un-bloody-BREAKABLE!

Well here we are. Friday night. The mother of all ‘let your hair down and be excessive’ times. Work’s done for the week and there’s a lot of winding down to be done. In the flat right now there is beer, cider, wine and whisky, and I’m kicking back with a refreshing pint or two of…

…sugar free appleade.

Yep. I’m sticking to my plan this time. No booze. Only used 8 and a half syns today. The only thing left to consume on my menu is tea. Here’s my food diary for today’s delicious green day:

BREAKFAST: 2 nimble toast (B), beans, tomatoes, salad leaves (yes, salad for breakfast. Why not?), banana.

LUNCH: Cous Cous and Noodles. I needed a carb boost so I made the most of the foods available on the Free list.

DINNER: Fishcake (4 and a half syns), veggie crispbake (4 syns), potato wedges, mushy peas, salad, cucumber, tomato, celery.

SNACKS: Peaches and 2 Alpen Light bars (B)

So what’s finally back on track? A few things. I’m very lucky to be working with some great people at the moment, and a couple of them have provided motivation in their own way:

  • A manager has told me she’ll stay off the booze as long as I do.
  • My excellent job share partner has made a bet with me. If I lose more than 2lbs, she pays for my book order. If I lose less, I pay for hers.

Going along to Katrina’s group last night was an extra boost too. I was there to show off. To be honest, the last thing I felt like doing was showing off, but that extra bit of group support really helped refocus my thinking, realise what’s truly important to me and that’s why I can sit here with my apple pop while Michael quaffs the beer.

So, don’t you think I’ve been good? Don’t you think I deserve a double-bubble squeefest? You bet your arse I do. Let’s first visit our old top hatted friend, The Lovely Mr Hudson:

And now his new partner in squee. The Equally Lovely Mr Glenister. As, of course, The Utterly Inexplicably But Quite Deliciously Lovely DCI Gene Hunt:

And, what the heck, let’s show some love for Raymondo too:

So, now we have a weekend. And I’m looking forward to the next couple of days having time to relax, go out walking, and most importantly have our weekly brunch at Mad Hatters. There’s not a better use for 8 syns and a healthy B. So on I go, motivated and with my target in sight. Bring it on. The journey continues!