Time Lapse Photos (or Videos)

When I bought my new Canon G9 recently, I thought it was kind of cute that it could do time lapse photography, but I didn’t think it was something I’d ever really use. I’ve actually ended up using it quite a bit.

It’s just like shooting video, except it only takes one frame per second. The result is a high-speed video, compressing minutes of reality into a few seconds. It’s almost the opposite of photography – in photography, you’re chopping reality down to a single instant. Here, you’re taking a chunk of time, and compressing it down to not much more than an instant.

Here’s Sam climbing the steps at the bottom of Tiverton park:

She didn’t go quite that fast in reality, though she was still pretty speedy.

A different Sam in this one, crossing the Grand Western Canal on the pulley-driven boat:

That one was filmed from on board the excellent floating cafe bar, The Ducks Ditty.

We had a trip to the Devon Railway Centre recently (see my photos. We had a ride on Ivor the Engine, and I made two time-lapse videos of the trip, breaking when we stopped at the picnic site halfway:

I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll tire of after a while, but I’m enjoying playing with it so far. You have to provide your own Benny Hill music.

4 thoughts on “Time Lapse Photos (or Videos)

  1. These are really entertaining. I got myself a Ricoh GX100 which does time lapse (records lots of separate images on a repeat timer – I think I have to join them up manually later). I’ve been meaning to give it a go ever since I got it but haven’t got around to it. I’ll have to give it a go at some point.

  2. That gives me an idea – cows could be quite amusing at high speed.

    The Ricoh probably suits you much better than the G9 would – the G9 is 35mm at the widest end of the zoom, which I guess wouldn’t be wide enough for your style. I’ve never been into wide-angle stuff, so the G9 works well for me.

  3. Thanks, Slywy. It’s a fun thing to watch, even at normal speed. I think they could charge people for a ride on it, even though there’s nothing on the other side other than their homes and offices.

    Maybe I could stay on the Ducks Ditty and make money selling people speeded-up videos of their rides…

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