Whilst wandering around Tiverton, I spotted a stone wall (the side of a council building on Old Road) with some interesting patterns.  Yes, of course I took some photos…

Buzzard on Canal Hill

One of the things that really surprised me about coming to Devon was how common buzzards are here.  I’d only seen one once or twice in Nottinghamshire, but here there are plenty. Yet somehow, I’ve not managed to get a photo. They aren’t the friendliest of birds, I suppose.  They don’t come close, and although […]

Pig Nose and Sheep Rear

While we’re on the subject of photo themes, how about animal bits?  We called in at Sheppy’s on the way to Taunton, and they have a few animals in fields next to the car park.  A big hairy pig was next to the fence, and seemed to be enjoying the attention of any children who […]

Photos of Letters and Numbers

I processed a batch of photos yesterday, and uploaded them to Flickr.  Without realising it, four of them in a row were just titled for the letters and numbers that appeared in the photo: HELLO GRIT SALT G From the same grit bin, just the G: 68 I loved the colours in the peeling paint […]

“My name is Sam Randall…”

This bit of brain fluff was created a few weeks ago during our downtime… er… enjoy… (INT – DAY – SAM approaches Slimming World scales) SAM – My name is Sam Randall. I’ve just eaten a pizza and that slice of pepperoni has taken me back to over 18 stone. I may be four stone […]

Kickin’ Ass

I will spend September kickin’ ass on various issues. By the end of September life will be substantially better in a number of areas. Watch this muddafuddlin’ space. PS – Of course I gained weight after my comfort eating fest. But I stand by my words – if you’re going to do it, make an […]

Thoughts on Comfort Eating

Life is a bit of an assault on the senses for us at the moment.  Our house sale is rattling on nicely, but is at that stage where it could all go pear-shaped any minute.  I’ve got a job interview coming up and at the moment I’m working in probably the least mellow working environment […]

Manga see, Manga do

And here’s my Face Your Manga pic.  Hm.  Not all that accurate… yet.   One thing is accurate, though, I forgot to put make-up on.


After seeing almost everyone’s Twitter avatars changing into little cartoon faces, and lots of links to FaceYourManga, I finally gave in and installed the latest version of Flash to give it a go.  The result isn’t bad.  I think it looks reasonably like me. I’m not sure if I’ll actually start using it as my […]