Whilst wandering around Tiverton, I spotted a stone wall (the side of a council building on Old Road) with some interesting patterns.  Yes, of course I took some photos…

Stone Wall

Stone Wall, Close-Up

Stone Wall Close-Up 2

Stone Wall - Layers

Buzzard on Canal Hill

One of the things that really surprised me about coming to Devon was how common buzzards are here.  I’d only seen one once or twice in Nottinghamshire, but here there are plenty.

Yet somehow, I’ve not managed to get a photo.

They aren’t the friendliest of birds, I suppose.  They don’t come close, and although I’ve caught glimpses of them quite near, they’ve mainly been from a moving car on a main road.  I got a much better sighting on a wallk a while ago, but I only had my Canon G9 with me – a great camera, but not quick enough to catch a buzzard on the wing.

I got my chance on Sunday.  We were walking along Canal Hill, when a buzzard flew across in front of us and perched on the top of a house, right on the nearest corner to us.  This time, I had my Nikon D40 in my bag, with my 55-200 VR lens fitted.  I only got a couple of shots, but they’re the best I’ve managed so far, so here they are:

Buzzard on Roof

Buzzard on Roof

Pig Nose and Sheep Rear

While we’re on the subject of photo themes, how about animal bits?  We called in at Sheppy’s on the way to Taunton, and they have a few animals in fields next to the car park.  A big hairy pig was next to the fence, and seemed to be enjoying the attention of any children who were around.

Pig Nose

For some slightly worry reason, though, I was quite taken with grabbing a photo of a sheep’s rear end:

Sheep Back

Photos of Letters and Numbers

I processed a batch of photos yesterday, and uploaded them to Flickr.  Without realising it, four of them in a row were just titled for the letters and numbers that appeared in the photo:






From the same grit bin, just the G:



I loved the colours in the peeling paint on this door:


Donkeys May Bite

The next one was a sign, so it almost counts too:

Donkeys May Bite

Unusual new design of donkey.

“My name is Sam Randall…”

This bit of brain fluff was created a few weeks ago during our downtime… er… enjoy…

(INT – DAY – SAM approaches Slimming World scales)

SAM – My name is Sam Randall. I’ve just eaten a pizza and that slice of pepperoni has taken me back to over 18 stone. I may be four stone away from target, or four stone away from the cardiac unit. All I know is I have to keep fighting. Fight to live, fight to get in a size 16, fight to get slim.

“Venetian Blind” cut to BOB (black Honda CRV) turning sharply in St John’s School Car Park, driven by DCI PIGPOGM.

Various shots of SAM from lardy pre-SW wedding photo to Greatest Loser pics, drinking wine and then grimacing on the scales. Caption “Sam Randall”.

Cut to more aggressive driving shots of DCI PIGPOGM, caption “Michael Randall”.

Grinning bouncing, pointing and clapping from DCI BARKER, caption “Katrina Barker”.

Crowd shot of the Thursday 5pm group “Slimming World”

Shot of the “Sizeable Rump” thread, caption “The Rrrrrrrrumpettes at Luigi’s”

Finish on shot of SAM getting ‘er arse stamped as a new and bizarre way of inducting target members.

DCI PIGPOGM – “Right then, Tesco-Cheap-Chardonnay-Knickers, what’s for tea?”