Two Red Balloons

We see hot air balloons fairly often over Tiverton.  On Thursday evening, the Virgin balloon was flying fairly low over the town.   Then, on Friday morning, as Sam and I headed out for work, the Triumph balloon peeked at us through the trees – it was so low that it seemed to be almost […]

Slash with Les Paul and Friends – “Vocalise”

Oh my Giddy GOM. A track from the upcoming album “Les Paul and Friends – A Tribute to a Legend”, featuring the legendary Mr Paul and the deliciously lovely Mr Hudson doing what he does best. I’m just going to sit over here and squee myself silly. Listen to Vocalise online here.

Photoshop Lightroom

I recently tried out Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom – an excellent RAW editor.  There are a couple of problems with it, though.  For one, it’s quite expensive.  If you’re a pro, and you need the best, you probably won’t care too much about that – it’s worth the money.  When you’re an amateur, though, you have […]

Sainsburys Roof in Plymouth

For reasons I’ll go into further when I’ve processed a whole lot more photos, Sam and I were in Plymouth yesterday.  We called in at a branch of Sainsbury’s, and it had a very funky roof, which I got some strange looks for standing in the car park photographing.   Mainly from the guy who […]

Buzzard by the Road

We popped over to a farm shop in Halberton to get a bit of fruit and veg today.  On the way there, I spotted a buzzard on a fence-post near the side of the road, but too late to stop.  On the way back, I decided to pull the car over just in case it […]

Graffiti on Tiverton Youth Club

The walls of the youth club here in Tiverton are given over to graffiti – no idea if it reduces the amount of graffiti done in other places around the town, but it makes the club itself bright and colourful.  As we were passing it last week, I snapped a few close-up shots.    

Be Nice to Bus Drivers

My first full week of commuting completed has taught me many lessons – how to negotiate my way around Devon’s lovely capital, how to behave in an Apple store with class and dignity without turning into a drooling fool (answer – leave quickly and quietly), and what would happen if Terry Wogan and Leo Sayer […]