When you vote, vote right

There is an opportunity to change the world for the better.  A chance to lift one person to their rightful place, head and shoulders above his contemporaries, getting the recognition he deserves for the work he’s done and to spur him on to continue. So when you vote, vote right. Vote for Philip Glenister for […]

A Sizeable Rump! – The new home for weight-loss blather.

In the interests of keeping all my Slimming World ramblings in one place, I’ve started a new blog… A Sizeable Rump! – Thoughts from a Slimmer’s World … where I hope writing about my adventures regularly will help me stay on the wagon. Just regular blog posts for now, but when I’m brave enough I’ll […]

Happy Birthday to PigPog – 10 Today

It’s ten years ago today that we registered the domain pigpog.com. We didn’t have a web site on it at first – it was mainly registered for the sake of having permanent email addresses, at a time when a few people were starting to block anything from webmail addresses as likely spam. The earliest version […]