Sam’s 2008 Things of the Year

Achievement of the Year Although my weight loss adventures have gone a little off-course just lately, I have to say that my proudest achievement of the year is sticking with it in spite of how easy (and tempting) it has been recently to jack it all in. I have managed to keep off the majority […]

More Light

When I got my new camera gear, I’d included a Nikon SB-600 flash. It worked well off-camera, and I really enjoyed using it. As soon as I did, though, I ran into situations where a second flash would be useful. If the SB-600 worked out well, I’d always intended to add a second, bigger, light. […]

Feed Without Oinks

If you’re following our RSS feed, and are getting irritated by these little ‘Oink’ posts (bits of mindless chatter), I’ve just made a version of the feed that skips them. If you want us to shut up a bit, but still want to know when we’ve actually written something of a little more value, you […]

Working Tabs

I had a bit of time at home today, while Sam was out at work, so I continued poking our custom theme. I managed to get the tabs working on the right, so there are five ‘pages’ of content always available. All but the ‘Oinks’ tab are WordPress ‘sidebars’, so they can contain widgets – […]

Some Fixes

I’ve got the comments displaying again here. That turned out to be the ‘Comment Mover’ plugin – I’ve disabled it for now. I seem to have got jQuery working, and got some javaScript being called when the tabs in the sidebar are clicked – they don’t do anything yet, but I’m getting there. That’ll do […]

Thanks for Comments

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to the people who have commented recently. They aren’t showing up, but they’re not lost. We’re still seeing them fine here, and I’ll get the theme fixed soon so they’ll show up for everyone. Thanks for the feedback on fonts, Peter – I’ll try to make it […]

Parker Vacumatic

After returning the Sheaffer PFM I bought on eBay, with a very helpful seller, I now have my first Parker Vacumatic. I like it a lot. Filling is easy, it writes nicely, and looks beautiful. I also got a Parker/Silver Crane ceramic desk tidy, in almost perfect condition. A new pen meant new ink, so […]

Theme Fiddling

I’m fiddling with this custom theme here. Comments don’t seem to be showing up at all, so I’ll try to fix that. I’ll also put some ads somewhere. I’m also aiming to put tabs at the top of the sidebar, so we can have a few ‘pages’ of information in one bar. Time to play […]

Switching to Mac – Sam’s Turn

It was bound to happen sooner or later. ¬†I have to admit that I had been rather green-tinged since Michael purchased his behemoth of an iMac, and have spent many a lonely morning gazing longingly at the 24″ display that dominates his desk. ¬†However, I had just bought a new computer too, an Acer machine […]