London Photography

We went to London last weekend, and I didn’t get any shots like these. That said, I didn’t have a Eurocopter and gyro-stabilized mounts. The shots I did get are in this Flickr photoset. Worth a look for the squirrel alone, since the more insane excesses of the party haven’t been made public.

Sam’s ‘avin ‘oops…

a.k.a. “Sam makes a tit of herself in public again.” Regular visitors to this here site will no doubt be aware of my occasional weird and wonderful adventures.  I’m at my happiest when doing things that at best could be described as ‘eccentric’, and in recent years this has included attempting stand-up comedy, writing a […]

Failing to Sign Up for ShutterStock

I had a go at signing up for ShutterStock. They require you to submit a “government issued” ID as part of the sign-up process, which seemed a bit excessive. I took a snap of my driving license, and submitted that. It wasn’t great, but was quite readable. They’ve just rejected it, claiming they couldn’t read […]

Little Fixes

I’ve fixed a few little things here today. Paging through archives wasn’t working, so I’ve fixed that. I’ve also added dates and authors to these little oinks when they’re in the sidebar. It didn’t make much sense that you’d have to click through to the entry’s permanent page to see who wrote it.

More Playing with Strobes

I spent a while last weekend playing with strobes, using a chair as a model. It was useful, but doesn’t give too much idea what will work with a real person. Today, I persuaded Sam to do some modeling for me, which was probably more fun for me than for her. I took a whole […]

Ball Bungees

After all the mentions on Strobist, I finally got around to picking up some ball bungees, from fretland on eBay (UK). Quite cheap, free postage, and gives me a few more options for attaching flashes all over the place. I’m sure there must be plenty of other uses for these little things, too, with a […]

Random Thoughts and Wishes

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to blog more, to share more of my thoughts and bletherings over here to, well, get them out of my head and somewhere retrievable and possibly entertain one or two folks along the way. So here I thought I’d share some of the things I’m looking forward to […]

Sam’s talking out of her rump again

Starting off as I mean to go on by updating my Sizeable Rump blog, the home of my more in-depth weight loss blether. In this new post I give thanks that I’ve found the right plan/club/group for me in Slimming World and share my resolutions for successful slimming in 2009. Tis the season to get […]

Playing with Strobes at Home

While Sam is at work, I’ve been spending my time using her chair as a model, experimenting with my Nikon SB-800 and SB-600. I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know before: The Gorillapod makes a good flash holder, turning a chair, or the side of the sofa, into a light stand. Switching the camera […]