Wolf and Pig

Imaginative stop-motion animation, using photos: Wolf and Pig on BoingBoing

iPod Touches

We are now happy owners of two iPod Touches – I went to Exeter’s Apple store yesterday to pick then up as Sam made her way back from Birmingham. So far, I’m very impressed. It’s a great little PDA, does games well, syncs nicely with the Mac apps, and it’s an excellent little browsing machine. […]

Mac Memory Upgraded

Well, that was easy. Crucial made finding and ordering the right memory easy, and much cheaper than getting it from Apple. Fitting it was quite painless, too, though the original sticks take a firm pull to remove. After starting up again, my Mac now shows 4Gb RAM – should make things a bit nippier when […]

Hash Amazonfail

For anyone who was around on Twitter when the whole #amazonfail ‘thing’ happened, Clay Shirky’s article is a good read. If you didn’t see any of it, it’s probably best ignored.

Crucial Memory

I ordered memory from Crucial, and I’m impressed. They give you a neat little download for the Mac, that detects what type of memory your Mac uses, and tells you the options you have for extending it – at prices much lower than Apple. They offer Special Delivery for an extra £3.50, which is less […]

Mashed Potatoes

Money is only an issue inasmuch as the prospect of making it without effort or agency governs someone’s decision to stick their dick in my mashed potatoes and call it a birthday cake. Free as in “Me” | 43 Folders. He has a great way with words, Merlin. Some single sentences can stick out as […]