Buying a Buff Online

Before I tell you about the experience of buying a Buff online, from the manufacturer’s own site, I should probably explain what a Buff actually is, for those who haven’t already spent time in ‘outdoors’ shops, staring at the looping video demo. It’s a tube of microfibre polyester, that can be worn as a scarf, […]

Evernote: Making Searchable Without Reading

As impressive as Evernote’s ability to read handwriting (even my awful scrawl, occasionally) is, there was always something about it that didn’t seem quite right. Firstly, that it could recognise writing in situations that nothing else can. Also, it seemed odd that it would convert your writing to text, but not give you access to […]

Dust Storm in Australia –

For any major event, The Boston Globe seem to gather the best photos, and present them well – here’s their photoset for the huge dust storm that hit Sydney: Posted via email from Michael’s posterous

A Day of Finding Things

When we sold our house, one of the first places we had a shopping spree was Cotswold, the outdoors shop. Even with out new-found wealth, I shied away from the price of the coats I liked the look of, but I did buy a hat (North Face) and gloves. I loved those gloves. They were […]

Evernote and Notebooks

After my recent success with getting Evernote to read my handwriting, I was wondering why it was doing so badly on some scanned Moleskines.  It looks like it can’t read things on squared paper. Lined is ok, as long as you write neatly between the lines, and it’s fine with plain paper. The best thing […]


Instapaper is a pretty simple idea – click their bookmark, and the page you’re looking at is grabbed by their server, and fed to your iPhone (or iPod Touch) when you next sync the app. The app on the iPhone fetches the content of the pages (optionally including graphics and layout), and lets you read […]

Hidden Fish

Fish. More entertaining as pets than we expected.  We have a small to medium-sized tank, and two fish that are becoming quite large. Our shubunkin is over 15cm long now. They have an airstone, a plant, and a tube cut from a drink bottle. The tube is shorter than the shubunkin, and just about wide […]

Testing Posterous

Posterous lets you post stuff by emailing their service – it passes it on to Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, and lots of others. I’m just testing it at the moment, so you probably want to ignore this post. Testing Markdown – test. Not sure if that will work – may work on PigPog, if […]