My Photo Workflow 2

Me, Reflected

I recently wrote a post about my photo workflow – how I get photos from my camera to Flickr, etc. I admitted in the post that it was a bit over-complicated for me, and that set me off rethinking it. I now, a week later, do something quite different.

If I was taking pics that I really thought needed more processing, or were going to be used for something special, I’d still go the old route. It has lots of redundancy, and gives the best quality results. I don’t intend to do a wedding again, but if I did, that’s how I’d do it (actually, I took even more precautions that day, but that’s another story). For day-to-day stuff, though, it was taking too much time and effort.

The first thing to reconsider was the quality of the captured data in-camera. I was only ever using RAW images, with the camera set to take RAW along with the lowest quality jpeg. I decided I could make do with just jpegs. The camera is faster that way, and I get lots more images on an SD card (Search for "SD card" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US). They copy to the computer quicker, too. I decided to try an experiment. I shot roughly the same pic (of a cuddly zebra called Z9) on each of the three jpeg quality settings, then opened them all up in Aperture, zoomed in 1:1. I couldn’t see a difference. The lowest quality looked just as good as the highest, and was under 800kb rather than over 4Mb. So for most stuff now, I’ll use the lowest quality jpeg setting.

As for copying to my Mac (Search for "Mac" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US), I won’t create a folder, copy the pics, then import them into Aperture. I now plug in the camera with a cable sitting on my desk ready, run Aperture, turn on the camera, and import the pics directly. It means the pics are stored in the Aperture library, but I’m ok with that. I’m letting go of a bit of control for a lot of convenience and speed. They can be moved out again later if I want to. Also, because there’s no RAW conversion to do, Aperture doesn’t seem to take anywhere near as long to process the images once they’re imported.

I’m also making a bit more use of some Aperture (Search for "Aperture" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) presets I’ve downloaded from various sources, which gives me some of the fun of quick filter effects that I’m used to in iPhone (Search for "iPhone" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) apps. Exporting to Flickr still takes a while, but it’s just left to run, and the results do look good.

In the end, I’m paying almost nothing in lost image quality, at least as far as I can see; and I’m gaining a lot of time and ease. I’ve only really tried it once with a real day’s photos, so it might all change again next week, but so far it feels quite liberating.

Photo-A-Day 22nd April 2011

For me and my gloriously nutty circle of friends, this is absolutely hilarious. So I dedicate this to them… to The LuLas – the best bunch of fans a TV show could ever hope for.

Photo-A-Day 20th April 2011

A lovely man in a lovely place. Looking forward to a nice long Easter weekend with Michael, hopefully spending much of it by the canal.

Photo-A-Day 19th April 2011

There comes a time, every now and then, when I get so frustrated with my barnet that I have to take action. Usually that action involves 3 hours in a hot, uncomfortable salon and parting company with an unpleasant amount of cash.

Not today. Today, I did it myself. Rather pleased with the results too.