TV Tributes

Art inspired by some of my favourite TV shows.

Coming soon – Sherlock, Doctor Who and House.


Graze boxes are aimed at snackers, those who like to nibble (or indeed graze) on little bits and bobs during the day. They’re very popular with office workers and I’m sure they’ve saved many a desk-jockey from reaching for the biscuits.

For just under £4 a time, Graze will send you four punnets of savoury and sweet snacks. I have a delivery on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and most of the time I have them for my breakfast and lunch.

Tip – Mixing the dried fruit selection with natural yogurt makes for a lovely breakfast.

There’s a choice of boxes – the “nibble” box offers a bit of everything from their huge range of snacks, and the three nutrition boxes (eatwell, light and boost), just sends the healthier treats to keep calorie count down and nutrition values up. My box for today is a light box and contains:

  • Sun Dance – a mixture of dried mango, milk chocolate coated sunflower seeds and green raisins (138 calories).

  • Boston Baguettes – tasty little breadsticks with a delicious BBQ relish (84 calories).

  • Cheddar Gorge – cheese cashews, salsa corn sticks and herb crackers (139 calories).

  • Eleanor’s Apple Crumble – dried apple, sultanas and cinnamon honey almonds (115 calories).

The flavour combination of all their mixes are amazing. In the sweets, my favourites so far have been Jaffa Cake and Hazelnut Espresso. In the savouries, Boston Baguettes and Korean Chilli Rice Crackers. They also do deli breads and ‘guilt free high tea’ which comprises of a delicious square of cake and an afternoon infusion tea bag. All very nice, and feels indulgent when calorie-wise it’s really good value.

If you get anything in your box you really don’t like, go into your account online and “bin” it, you’ll never see it again. Similarly if you love something, click on “love” in the product list and you’ll see it in your box again soon.

If you’re in the UK and want to give Graze a try, quote the code GYNW5DGD when you sign up and you’ll get your first box for free.

Postcard from Sam’s Brain – Nightmare on St Aubyn’s.

That was the week that was… and I really hope it’s over. After a fantastic day adventuring last Saturday things seemed to take a nosedive from there. Sunday was a rather lazy day; I didn’t have much energy to spare. Sunday night’s sleep was erratic to say the least and when I did sleep, I had horrid nightmares involving our family’s equivalent of Freddy Kruger coming to attack me. I woke up with arms flailing as I failed to fight him off in dreamworld and grab a couple more hours peaceful kip. I burst into tears, and sobbed uncontrollably for most of the day. When I wasn’t crying, I was sleeping. I couldn’t eat, drink or do anything useful. My brain was telling my body some down time was required and it would make it happen by any means necessary.

An eerily accurate depiction of my “Freddy”.

Despite sleeping until 5pm, I still managed a decent night’s sleep on Monday night. All was going well until the morning. Fortunately Michael was already up so this time wasn’t awakened by my screams when “Freddy” came after me again. Tuesday was also spent in a fog, but I was with it enough to be able to stay awake and poke around online a bit. That’s when the sleep apnea thing occurred to me. I thought I had recovered from sleep apnea having lost about 40lbs since being tested. My breathing had stabilised in recent weeks and I wasn’t getting the daytime tiredness I used to have, so I stopped using the CPAP machine. Tuesday night I decided to try using the machine again. I slept like a corpse. A straight, uninterrupted 8 hours of pure, nightmare-free sleep.

I’ve used the machine every night since, and apart from one tiny appearance in which I told him to “f*** off out of my sight”, “Freddy” has stayed away. Using the CPAP machine is a pain in the backside (more specifically, the back and shoulders), but it’s keeping the monster away and helping my brain to properly rest at night, so I guess I’m stuck with the damn thing for the time being.

A Glitch in the System

Sam and I have both started playing Glitch again. That means there may be no new content on PigPog again for another year or two.


Nibbling pigs is just too enjoyable.

Working Anywhere – Reality

I posted the other day about working from the top of a mountain. The mountain was played by Sheeps Tor, a bit of a rocky hill; and the work was played by copying a few images from camera to MacBook. I actually did transfer all the images while we were still there, but from the less impressive location of our car.

MacBook Air, using Eye-Fi card to copy images from my camera. Sheeps Tor seen through the windscreen.

I use an Eye-Fi card, which is an SD card like any other, but with the addition of WiFi. If it doesn’t find a WiFi network nearby that it knows about, it sets up its own, which the Mac can then connect to, letting the Eye-Fi software pull images from the camera. Once set up, it all happens automatically, as long as the camera and MacBook are sitting close to each other. I took the photos with the camera while the images were being copied from it, and they just joined the queue to transfer.

I’ll write a bit more about this soon – it’s time to update on my photo workflow, as it’s changed a lot since I last posted about it, with some nice automated stuff going on.