2012 – In Association With The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

2012 will be remembered as the year I began my repairs… fixing the damage of poor choices of the past, healing a broken mind and trying to deal with the damage that’s been done along the way. I’ve seen more hospital rooms this year than I have in my entire life, and as we go […]

Sony NEX-5R – in the hands of a novice.

I feel a bit of a fraud. My tiny amount of photography experience does not by any means make me a worthy owner of such a beautiful piece of equipment. Michael, however, thought otherwise and very kindly gave me a Sony NEX-5R for Xmas. That is typical Michael. When he finds something he enjoys he […]

How Anthony Bourdain made my 2012.

The first time I saw Tony was on The Colbert Report. His interview with Stephen made him come across as a badass Ramsey-esque f-bomb loving food writer. About six months after that he was a guest on The Daily Show. That was the point when my interest in this man and his work increased to […]


Twice recently, we’ve paused TV shows at good moments. Update: A couple more from recent viewings… Brian Cox in Wonders of Life: As we were watching Exploring China, Sam exclaimed “It’s the Chinese Hancock!”. I’d missed it, and had to rewind a bit to confirm that it was, indeed, a Chinese Tony Hancock:

Costa Hot Chocolates

We had hot chocolates at Costa while we were out yesterday, and they were quite delicious. We sat outside. In the UK. In December. On the left is my Black Forest chocolate, while Sam had the Mint Chocolate on the right. Both had lots of cream. We also had a selection of cakes. Tiffin was […]