Visiting ATVLand

On a recent trip to Birmingham, I paid a visit to a very important place. The place that was once known as “ATVLand”, the home of so much of the UK’s most-loved TV shows from the 1970s and 1980s, not to mention the most wonderful ident ever seen on a TV screen. ATVLand gave us […]


A tiny arch in a fairly small wall. I’ve no idea what used to be there to have needed an arch, but presumably there was something there once. In Tiverton, near the bus station.


Sparrows in the hedge by the side of the Grand Western Canal. All snapped with the Sony 55-210 zoom lens. I’d love a lens that could go a bit wider, but the nice thing about this one is that it fits quite neatly into a coat pocket, so I can take it with me when […]

Devon Air Ambulance

We see quite a few helicopters from where I work. It seems to be on a frequent flight path for military planes and helicopters. We’ve seen police and air ambulance helicopters before, too, including the air ambulance landing on the North Devon Link Road, and even once landing on the grass across the road from […]

Liveblogging a low

It feels like a punch in the gut when it happens. A dull ache spreads throughout my body and it feels like the lights are slowly being dimmed. I feel pressure in my throat. Just a little tightness as if I was wearing a polo neck. The dull ache feels like a swelling darkness and […]