Red Berries

Two shots, both taken with an old Chinon 135mm f/2.8 lens. These are as close as this lens can focus, but it brings out colours and tones really nicely, and the wide aperture gives a beautifully shallow depth of field.

Walking Home

I walked home recently. I haven’t done that for a while, and it felt like a bit of a challenge. It isn’t so much the distance as the steep hill at the end. I made it home, though, without collapsing and dying at all, which was a win. It was also a nice chance to […]

New Toys from Wex

I sent most of my old Nikon gear to Wex for part exchange recently, and spent the proceeds on new toys for my Sony NEX-6. They arrived yesterday. I haven’t had much chance to play so far, but here are some very brief first impressions… Sony SEL35f18 (Search for “SEL35f18” on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon […]


Do not remove this cover. It is a poo hole cover. Do not unleash the poo.

Poo. Posted on a Monday. That could be a new theme – Poo Mondays. BRB – gotta go photograph lots more poos.


We’re experimenting with adding Flattr links to PigPog. I’m not sure if Flattr has taken off to enough of an extent to make any difference, but it’s always seemed like a good take on the micropayments idea to me, and these things can’t take off if people don’t try them out. It’s quite nicely unobtrusive, […]

Sunset Pano

I’d just finished for the day at work, and spotted an interesting sunset sky. One photo didn’t seem to do the job, so I took a few and stuck them together later.