Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Twelve

Since I’m not currently working and have pretty much put my life on hold until I’ve had surgery, I decided to take part in a study to help find out more about the differences between Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band. A few weeks ago I went back to Musgrove Park for the first appointment. After […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Eleven

Live from a moment of downtime, it’s Pre-Op Ramblingsā€¦ I’m not too chipper at the moment. The (mostly self-inflicted) pressure to get fit has been getting to me. I’m tired, grumpy, and lacking motivation for even the most basic things. I’m fine messing around at home, but pull me away from my haven and it’s […]

Abandoned Taunton Pano

Sam had a meeting in Taunton with BOSPA, so I found myself with some time to kill, hanging around on the edge of Taunton. I found some old abandoned industrial ground, where some buildings had been demolished, and some were just left to fall apart. Rusty abandoned things are some of my favourite things to […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Ten

Today I’m going to indulge myself. Today, I’m going to let myself dream about what life will be like post-op, when my body is more energised and efficient on space. When I’ll be free to do more and shop in places that only allow one “X” next to their large (not you, Abercrombie and Fitch, […]