Cosplay – zen and the pursuit of the perfect beard

I’ve been playing dress-up for years. Since childhood I jumped at the chance to put on a costume and be someone else. It’s only in the last few years that I discovered the concept of cosplay. I met like-minded people who helped me realise that while it’s still perhaps quite unusual to some, it’s absolutely […]

Getting Back on the Horse

I was chatting to a friend earlier about blogging. “Believe it or not,” I said. “I have a blog. I haven’t done anything with it this decade, mind you.” I was exaggerating for effect, but I think I’m not far off. The last time I blogged here I was either about to, or just had, […]

Running AMOK on March 1st

On Saturday March 1st I will be wandering round Tiverton handing over envelopes to the hardworking folks who give up their weekends to staff the town’s many charity shops. This is part of Random Acts’ Annual Melee of Kindness, a global event to bring a little bit more happiness to the world. Why I’m doing […]

Post-Op Ramblings – Part Two

Today my tiny pouch friend Thumbellyna and I celebrate a month together. We’ve had quite a ride. Most of the time I feel no different than I did before. Thumbellyna sits there quietly and doesn’t make a fuss unless I do something daft like eat too quickly, eat too much, or eat food that’s just […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Fourteen

Previously on Pre-Op Ramblings: “Well, I say now… now would be silly. In a while would be over-optimistic. This side of Christmas would be a fluffy great lie. The estimated date for my surgery is now February 2014.” Since my last update merry hell has been raised, the Kraken was put on high alert and […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Thirteen

It was all looking so good… I had hoped that the thirteenth instalment of my surgical adventures would open with the exciting announcement of an operation date, or maybe tales of life on the liver reduction diet and how I’d gladly remove a limb for some sweet, sweet carbohydrates. Sadly, it was not to be. […]

Enough Said.

Today has been a lazy one. Both of us have come down with the lurgy so we decided to spend the day indoors and watch some TV. We started with perfect viewing for when your head is fuzzy, you’re half asleep and your grip on reality is tenuous… Sharknado. There are two types of bad […]

Today in Teignmouth

People of all ages, shapes and sizes were wearing as little as possible to take full advantage of this epic heatwave. Except me, of course. I admired the collective sense of “sod it all, it’s hot and I’ll wear just enough to avoid indecent exposure” and probably would have joined in if I had anything […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Twelve

Since I’m not currently working and have pretty much put my life on hold until I’ve had surgery, I decided to take part in a study to help find out more about the differences between Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band. A few weeks ago I went back to Musgrove Park for the first appointment. After […]