Getting Back on the Horse

I was chatting to a friend earlier about blogging. “Believe it or not,” I said. “I have a blog. I haven’t done anything with it this decade, mind you.” I was exaggerating for effect, but I think I’m not far off. The last time I blogged here I was either about to, or just had, my gastric bypass. My creative juices had near enough dried up and I was waiting for that next exciting post-op phase, the one where I suddenly become an exercise nut, posting data of huge long walks and instagramming sweaty post-cardio selfies. That phase never came (if it’s coming, it’s delayed… it doesn’t matter, it can take its time). I spent 2014 learning to deal with food, this new body, and this new life.

2015, so far, has been much of the same. But depression has sadly reared its ugly head again, and I find myself looking at this strange face in the mirror and asking it “Who the f£@k are you?”. It’s like in Doctor Who after he regenerates – for a while he’s getting used to his new features. The Twelfth Doctor, of course, wasn’t keen on the colour of his kidneys. In my case, I’m not terribly keen on my head. Life is a permanent bad hair day and don’t get me started on my turkey neck.

I digress, though. This isn’t the post I originally had in mind when I started typing. What I had intended to gather all these words together for was to talk about getting back on the creative horse and having a good old trot around PigPog Paddock because it’s been too damn long and my brain needs something to do other than bellyache over the state of my body. So, a couple of weeks ago I dug out my copies of SARK’s “Make Your Creative Dreams Real” and Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. I made a start on both, and made a commitment to write or draw something at least once a day. So far so good. Potential material for upcoming posts keeps springing up – you may see me blather on about the joys of Apple Music, my strange Bucket List, and musings about the creature known to the world as Misha Collins (he’s an odd ‘un, but a good ‘un).

Subject matter, frequency and quality will no doubt vary, but I am making a commitment to myself to share more writing on here more often, because the more I do, the better I’ll get, row of question marks here, profit.

More soon. I promise.


I spotted something flying past our living room window repeatedly, and realised after a few loops that it was bats. Managed to catch a few clips of them with my iPhone 6 slow motion feature. A torch didn’t seem to disturb them, and encouraged the moths they were eating.

YouTube seems to insist on a Google+ account now, and Vimeo embeds don’t seem to work without Flash, so for now at least, you just get a link to a .mov file – seems to work well enough on a Mac, hopefully it’s usable enough elsewhere too…