True Story: Business Card

This story is about a boss in a previous job, who I won’t name. We’ll call him Dave. Because that’s not his name. Dave wasn’t my direct boss, but was a couple of levels above me – sometimes directly, and sometimes off to the side a bit, depending on where things had been reorganised that […]

Why I Vape

I vape. That would probably surprise most people, because I’ve never been a smoker. Sam (my wife) used to smoke, many years ago, and had been getting tempted to do it again. She wanted to try vaping as an alternative. I’d got into the habit of eating chocolate and other snack food, each evening, which […]

Legacy Lenses and Battery Life

One of the complaints people often have about Sony’s E-mount cameras is their battery life. They don’t get the life most SLRs get. Sony could fit bigger batteries, but then the cameras would be bigger and heavier, and one of the reasons for choosing these cameras is having less to carry. It’s the reason I […]