Mushy Peas: Food of the Gods

“Where did this dish come from? What’s the matter with peas? Why did people start mushing them? [tastes mushy peas] Oh, that’s why.” – Anthony Bourdain To do mushy peas justice you need to ensure the following: You are outside. Preferably on a chilly evening. Preferably at a fairground. The mushy peas are served to […]

Thoughts on Mindful Eating

The tall handsome American takes a seat outside a Parisian cafe. He takes a sip of coffee and looks out at the French city life unfolding before him. With a thoughtful pause, he sums up his experience: “It’s no accident that the institution, the cafe is so closely associated with the French. What do we […]

How Anthony Bourdain made my 2012.

The first time I saw Tony was on The Colbert Report. His interview with Stephen made him come across as a badass Ramsey-esque f-bomb loving food writer. About six months after that he was a guest on The Daily Show. That was the point when my interest in this man and his work increased to […]

Bringing the Bourdain – for the lucky ducks getting INtoxicated with Zamir.

The following is a little piece I wrote for the Facebook page of an event celebrating the last ever episode of Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: So you’re going to the No Reservations party at Hotel at The Lafayette. You lucky duck. And you’ve registered for the Anthony Bourdain Lookalike Contest? You incredibly attractive […]

Sam’s Cookbook Challenge

I love a good cookbook. Pretty pictures of delicious dishes I delude myself into believing that one day I will attempt to replicate in my tiny shoebox kitchen with my tiny shoebox culinary ability. Some of the greats that have gathered dust on my bookshelves in the past have included Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Raymond […]