Red Nose Day at Slimming World Tiverton

“Do something funny for money”, they said. And being a keen supporter of Comic Relief, and having a particular fondness for being silly, I had to oblige. So I got together with the lovely Katrina and we arranged a few special Red Nose Day treats at Tiverton’s Slimming World meetings. And of course, I had […]

“My name is Sam Randall…”

This bit of brain fluff was created a few weeks ago during our downtime… er… enjoy… (INT – DAY – SAM approaches Slimming World scales) SAM – My name is Sam Randall. I’ve just eaten a pizza and that slice of pepperoni has taken me back to over 18 stone. I may be four stone […]


*Looks around* Cor. What pigpogm lacks in real world decorating skills he more than makes up for around these parts. I am loving this new layout, and it’s really nice to be back with WordPress. In making the decision as to where to take the site next, Michael contemplated many different options, but I’m glad […]

Squeewatch (warning – contains squee)

It’s been a long time since I had a bloomin’ good old fashioned squee in my blog. Mainly because as soon as I began acting like a recycled teenager I shifted my rock star squee to its own special spot. That was fine until a huge great bolt of squee hit me when I didn’t expect it. Why didn’t I expect it? Well, he’s not a rock star, he doesn’t have huge great floofy hair, and when I first clapped eyes on him, I thought he was an offensive chauvinist pig.

Then I saw him reverse his Cortina down an alley with a bacon butty dangling out of his mouth. I was hit by the second raise of his eyebrows.

Yes, count me among the ranks of women around the world asking…

Gene Hunt… why does he drive me crazy?