Being Forty

I turned 40 the other day. It came as quite a shock. I wasn’t expecting that much vomit. Yes, in a sequence of events so crappy it could have been a verse in Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic”, a day that was to contain magic, dancing and celebrations became a day of projectile vomiting, sweats and mumbled […]

Say Hello To My Little Friends

Now I’m back home in my little creative paradise, I have been re-acquainting myself with some long lost friends. Allow me to re-introduce them to you. Acrylic Paint My bold, brash chum. Beautiful, bright and bubbly, and if I’m honest, ever so slightly intimidating. I want to dive in and play but the sheer intensity […]


Last year, when I began treatment for my mental health difficulties and various other fun and games, I expressed an interest in Art Therapy. Regular readers (if we have any left) will remember that not too long ago I was a big fan of just playing with art materials, making marks and generally having fun […]

Thing A Day 19 – Info Board

Thing A Day 19 - SW Info Board

Decided to abandon my planned theme for the week and go back to a project I had started for Slimming World. This is an information board about Flexible Syns, and will hopefully be a useful little extra for us all to enjoy at group.

Thing A Day 17 – Oh, never mind…

I have made things today, and I had a lot of fun doing it. However, having failed to get a decent shot of the things I’ve made and at the same time realising how crappy they are, I think they’ll stay hidden for the time being. If I’m going to give you people a Fimo Space Hopper and a Fimo Bod, they should be good. These aren’t. But I had a larf doing it.

So, to compensate for the lack of anything decent from me for the second day of my retro week, please enjoy this little YouTube gem, featuring the yellow frocked b*stard himself:

Thing A Day 16 – Imaginary old ad

Thing A Day 16 - Imaginary old advert

Back in the day The Capstone was where all the swingers and hip cats hung out.

Meanwhile, in reality, Capstone Restaurant is in Ilfracombe and has this fab old sign which inspired me to knock this up for kicking off the third week of Thing A Day… Retro Week!

And, before the Pedant Alliance come after me with sticks I should point out that the Grocer’s Apostrophes are intentional.

Thing A Day 15 – Devon’s Coasts

We’ve lived here in Devon for over a year and I’m still bowled over by the beauty of the place. Moving from a fairly nondescript suburban housing development where the view was just more of the same houses to, well, this:

Bedroom: View from the Window

It’s incredible. I’ve spent a great deal of time staring at this view open-mouthed. I still can’t believe we live here.