Sam and the Hairy Bikers

“Who are you and what do you do?” “My name’s Sam and I’m a blogger.” Oh dear. What started out as a pleasant night out in Torquay became another one of those experiences I will remember forever with a mix of heart-swelling joy and soul-crushing embarrassment. We went to see the Hairy Bikers do their […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Three

The mission to increase activity, guided by my excellent physiotherapist, continues and is going rather well. I soon became bored of the ‘dancing on the spot for ten minutes’ routine and after my second appointment my instructions were amended to ‘at least twelve minutes, three times a day of whatever you like’. This resulted in […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Two

Over the next three months, while the Powers That Be decide whether or not my op is worth funding, I have regular appointments with a dietitian and a physiotherapist. Last Tuesday I saw the Dietitian. She asked me questions about the food I eat, how often I splurge on takeaways and what I have if […]

Weight Loss – Sam’s Story

I have a file at our local hospital. There’s a big red stamp on the front advising anyone handling it to ‘look inside’. I assume the big red stamp points them to my weight and a comment “yes really, so be careful”. “Have you always been big?” some folks ask. I tell them yes, and […]

Sam’s Cookbook Challenge – Shopping

The first part of the challenge begins with me choosing three recipes from the Hairy Dieters (Search for “Hairy Dieters” on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) book. All the recipes in there are calorie counted, so it takes the guesswork out when feeding the figures into My Fitness Pal. The Recipes Mediterranean Beef Burgers (413 […]

Slimming World – 20th June 2008

Week four in my new Thursday night group, and I’m already feeling the benefits of Katrina’s full-tilt, gung-ho, I’m gonna get you to target if it kills me, you and wipes out half of Tiverton spirit. Some Consultants take the comforting, gentle approach which works well with nervous newbies (me, last year). Katrina however, bless her heart, gives it so much passion and welly that you can’t help but run out of her group screaming…

Grrrrarrrr! I’m gonna take over the world!

And it’s that all-guns-blazing spirit that’s going to take me to my target weight of… er… um… haven’t quite decided that one yet.

Anyway, on Thursday night I was fired up once more by a 3 and a half pound weight loss, taking my total weight loss back over 10 stone and seeing off almost all of the amount I gained around my birthday. So when Katrina asked who was up for a challenge, my response was…

Grrrrarrrr! Bring it ON!

Slimming in Public Week 4 – One Year Ago Today…

…hubster and myself took a long, long drive up to Manchester. It was a hot, sticky day and I think Michael would much rather have stayed home and shaved his head with a cheese grater. But because he’s my husband, and my best friend and has the patience of several saints, he drove me the 200+ miles up the M5 and M6 for one very special reason. To see this man do what he does best:

Slimming in Public Week 4 – Re-light mah fi-yah!

Greetings Sports Racers. Sorry, hubster and I are currently working our way through one year of the show with zefrank and it’s kind of rubbing off. We’ve been spending the weekend discovering each other’s power moves, which was just as much fun as it it sounds.

Anyway, yes, that diet thing. As you may have guessed from the Take-That-Covered-By-Lolcats title, my enthusiasm for Food Optimising is back with bells on. Really hit my stride last week, but sadly not soon enough to avoid a 3lb weight gain. Bugger. Having decided to take the gain as the ass-kicking I desperately needed, I’ve been able to stay on plan ever since.

So, armed with a 5lb weight loss target for the week I’ve been Optimising like a good ‘un, and walking further than I have ever walked in my entire lazy life. A total of 10 miles over three days probably doesn’t sound like much to real sports racers, but it’s a major achievement for me.