Rainbow Flare

Rainbow Flare

I’d planned to take a photo of some interesting moss around the roof of the bus shelter. But the old Industar-50 lens had other ideas. Better ideas.

It made a rainbow for me. I had to push the colour to bring it out, but it made some pretty patterns.


Industar 50

An old Soviet lens, picked up on eBay, made in 1959. Just as interesting, though (if you’re interested in old lenses, anyway) is the combination I used to take this shot. It’s my Canon FL 58mm f/1.2 lens, attached to a Vivitar 2x converter that’s also a macro adapter. Effectively, the 2x converter is wrapped up in a focussing mechanism that can move the lens forward to let it focus much closer than it normally can.

Processined with one of onOne Perfect B&W’s fake film modes.